Salesbacker was built with the goal of helping owners of e-commerce brands.

If you are a brand owner and you happen to sell on Amazon, Salesbacker is designed to help you get more product reviews and feedback ratings from sellers.

Salesbacker Features

Increase feedback and reviews

Choose one from the pre-created email campaigns designed to get what you most want: product reviews, feedback from sellers, or both. Fix it once and then forget it.

Attached files

You can attach a file of up to 7 MB to any email that we send to your Amazon customers. Include a PDF or other file with any email we send to your Amazon customers. which is excellent to provide extra value or a bonus to your customers

Email alerts

You will be notified by email when you receive comments about Amazon that are below the threshold you specified in your Salesbacker account (for example, 3 stars or less).

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Salesbacker has 5 different plans:

Free plan

You will be able to send up to 120 Emails per Month for

$19/month plan

1,600 Emails per Month

$39/month plan

4,000 Emails per Month

$79/month plan

16,000 Emails per Month

$159/month plan

40,000 Emails per Month


You have a free 30-day 60-day (if you follow the link on this page) trial with 10,000 emails. Once the test expires, Salesbacker continues to be free for as long as you send less than 120 emails per month. Paid plans start at only $ 19 / month.

You aren’t going to require a credit card. You will only have to fill out the form and the question resolved.

Salesbacker Review

Salesbacker will be like having your own Virtual Assistant sending an email to your clients every day. The software will help you increase comments and reviews on Amazon which, of course, helps generating more sales. This is an indispensable tool for any serious private label seller that needs to scale sales.

You’ll love having the email campaign templates preconfigured, which make the configuration and creation of mail series much easier.

After an analysis of more than 10,000 Amazon product listings, a direct correlation was found between the number of product reviews and the total amount of sales a product receives. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll be able to start receiving more product reviews automatically when you sign up for Salesbacker and start profiting from your reviews to get more sales.

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How I Use Salesbacker To Receive Amazon Feedback and Reviews on Private Label Products

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