Salesforce Commerce Cloud

If you have an online store and want to grow your business and increase your income by implementing new technology, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the option you’ve been looking for.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based eCommerce software which provides user-tailored marketing conceived to attract large amounts of customers. In addition to that, it enables smart shopping experiences.

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With this platform, you can offer your customers everything they want before they even search for anything. It currently has a community of more than 2 million users and is trusted at least by 100,000 companies of all sizes.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features

The most outstanding features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud are the following:

International sales

Your company may be bigger than you think. Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers you complete security so that your brand can reach millions of people across the world.

You can design your website to fit in different cultures and currencies, and even in many languages ​​such as English, Chinese, French and many more, so that all clients can access your platform.

Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce Commerce Cloud works with artificial intelligence, which will undoubtedly make your store’s revenue take off. Save time and effort with the immediate execution of tasks and improve your business performance.

Nothing is better than providing a personalized experience to your customers. With this software, you will be able to keep track of each user and know everything about their searches and interactions. The software makes perfect product recommendations based on each user’s searches.

Order Management

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can manage orders in a quick and easy manner, in addition to processing payments in a few seconds and managing all cancellations and refunds.

Likewise, with its self-service option, users will be able to see the location of their order in real time at all times, which will reassure them. If they wish to do so, they can cancel their order and get a refund at any time.

Salesforce B2C Commerce

  • Created for stores that sell products to individual users
  • Unique, multiple and unlimited site options
  • Experiences driven by artificial intelligence
  • Allows your business to go international
  • Product, price and catalog management

Salesforce B2B Commerce

  • Created for stores that sell products to large companies
  • Offers a single and thorough view of users
  • Multi-channel orders
  • Provides real-time reports
  • It has various catalogs for all types of customers

Other features

  • Automate your page without codes
  • Predictive classification
  • Allows you to integrate digital commerce with retail stores
  • Product availability service
  • Multichannel marketing through different digital channels

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Plans and pricing

This tool has a free trial for 30 days in which you can learn all about its features and make up your mind about whether it is what you are looking for or not.

Once you are ready to use the software, you must contact their Sales Team, who will set up a tailored budget plan that meets your requirements.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Reviews

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an eCommerce software created to support your business and make your brand expand by constantly generating new customers and building loyalty to existing ones.

The design of the tool is excellent, and it can become very easy to use when you take the time to dig into the many features it offers. The marketing and promotion options are unbelievable; it is completely safe to use; and it makes it easy to connect your customer experience through each device or point of sale.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is highly recommended as it really helps make your business a success. In addition to that, it offers by default many options that would generally have to be carried out by developers.


  • Reliable order management service
  • Predictive intelligence
  • Intuitive platform
  • Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese


  • Poor customer service
  • Hard-to-adapt software
  • High pricing

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  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly
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