Salesforce is introduced as the number one CRM in the world –a platform that allows you to manage all your customer data and get in touch with your clients from one single place.

Truth is –if we list all this cloud software’s features, we will realize that it is a very powerful tool, and that, although its pricing can seem a lot higher than similar solutions, the fact is that it overperforms them all.

Let's see how good this platform is and what users think of it.

What is Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based software included in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) category –a tool that puts together all you need to manage customer relationships from a single interface.

In other words, Salesforce is a powerful tool to manage all the data you have about each of your customers, which is especially useful when your customer database is very large.

The software does not require technical knowledge to be used: it is a straightforward platform –something somehow surprising taking into account the number of features it includes. You will only need an Internet connection and a web browser to give it a go.

Salesforce Features

Sales Cloud

This application gives you the chance to monitor what is happening in your company in real time. You will be able to get sales forecasts and to spot opportunities and needs.

Salesforce eCommerce Cloud

The feature we are most interested in. A few years back, Salesforce bought the platform Demandware (used, among others, by Adidas) and integrated it into its Cloud.

Demystifying eCommerce Development on Salesforce

Service Cloud

With this service, you can find out what your clients do or how they behave, give them immediate response and subsequently improve your company’s productivity.

Marketing Cloud

Organize and manage your marketing campaigns from here.

Community Cloud

This service is focused on creating dynamic and participatory communities in which mutual help among clients prevails.

Apps Cloud

Create your own applications for mobile devices to be closer to your customers. Don't worry, you don't need to know how to code.

Analytics Cloud

With this tool, you will have statistics and metrics to know how your business is doing.

IoT Cloud

This innovative solution analyzes the data produced by your products to generate automated decisions to solve particular problems.


To start using this platform, you must bear in mind that you will need a license. You have 4 different plans among which you can decide according to your needs and budgets.


Available for teams of up to 10 users at a cost of 25 (per user and month). Great for small businesses.

Lightning Professional

With this plan, you can use the full software with no user limitations whatsoever for only € 75 (per user and month).

Lightning Enterprise

Its pricing is € 150 (per user and month),  and you can fully customize the software to tailor it to your company.

Lightning Unlimited

It's Salesforce at its best. With this plan, you will have unlimited access to all features, but its pricing is quite high: about € 300 (per user and month).

Who uses Salesforce

Services offered by Salesforce are aimed at small and medium-sized companies, with certain occupational and financial limitations, although the software is also being embraced by large corporations.

Currently, this platform is trusted by more than 150,000 companies seeking to focus on their employees’ productivity, promote customer loyalty and improve cooperation in work teams.

Salesforce Reviews

An increasing number of companies, both large and small, are joining Salesforce to enjoy the benefits of its services.

This platform has proven to be innovative, which places it in the number 1 position globally and sets it apart from any of its competitors.

Most business owners using Salesforce are satisfied with the platform's services, since it has enabled them to communicate clearly and accurately with their customers, and has empowered their employees to react and solve customer issues in real time.

But although in general terms the perception of Salesforce is very positive, a few users are not very happy with it, particularly because it is the most expensive CRM in the current market when compared to other CRM platforms.

Another concern for users is that the platform does not provide a service-level contract unless the client requires it and manages to negotiate it.

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Alternatives to Salesforce

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