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ScanPower is a great tool to make you easier to increase revenues and make the most of your profits on your FBA items. You can download ScanPower for your mobile, that way you can analyze from effectively sources and make up lists of products and sellers, as well as properly shipping methods and quickly setting your prices based on your competitors numbers.

ScanPower Features

With Scanpower you can have live information of pricing data for every item in the Amazon catalog by source, list, so you can figure out how you can get the maximum margins from those products and reduce your risk of losing money on your business.

ScanPower Mobile

Scan a barcode with your mobile after downloading ScanPower(whether it is Apple or Android) and you can see live price and data for each of them on the Amazon catalog.
*The tool does search products by ASIN, ISBN, UPC or Keyword.

ScanPower List

An easy one-touch FBA inventory processing system just by scanning your item once, ScanPower creates an Amazon listing with: product condition, your set price, print your FBA label and then you are ready to pack the item.

ScanPower BoxT

This is a unique treat of this only box contents apps that’s integrated with your shipment!
You can scan and pack your shipment items barcodes of the box content.

ScanPower Evaluate

Upload your list of products and ScanPower calculates the net payout you would receive for each item.

ScanPower Scout

A live pricing and information as Mobile but available also on the Web. You can save your purchased items for later listing.

ScanPower Report

A powerful sales reporting and accounting solution. Full inventory management and expenses tracking, which do includes taxes, fees and shipping. This reports do let you filter and compare products by source, category, shipment or date.

ScanPower Trial

There is a 30 day free-trial with access to all Plus features.

ScanPower Price

There are different plans you can choose for when you want to download ScanPower:

  • Mini: $24/month, can work on 1 mobile device/workstation.
  • Basic: $49/month, can work on 1 mobile device/workstation
  • Plus: $69/month, can work on 2 mobile device/workstation
  • Pro: $99/month, can work on 4 mobile device/workstation
  • Enterpise: $199/month, can work on 6 mobile device/workstation

ScanPower Review

ScanPower is a really powerful mobile app to review and evaluate different lists of products on Amazon. This Amazon Tool helps you list and ship your products, as well as keeping a complete information panel of your shipments.

ScanPower downloads work for US, UK, Canada, Deutschland, France, Japan, Italy and Spain.

Scan Power video review and how to

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