ScoutIQ is a powerful app to scout, list and sell Amazon products. The ScoutIQ app will analyze barcodes or product pictures, give you all the data available on Amazon as well as product's profitability and daily sales and, with just a few clicks, you will be able to list the product or enroll on the product listing as a new seller.



eScore prevents you from getting duped by volatile sales rank by counting all registered days. It also counts the number of sales made in the last 180 days, all this will definitely show the popularity of the book, it would be better to know all the analytics before you hit the buying cart. These are necessary measures before you start buying the books.

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Complete product data

ScoutIQ gives you valuable information about present price listing and all other relevant information like the weight of the book, the value in a trade, and most valuable information.

Downloadable Amazon product database

Along with all these download databases, it gives value to the users by downloadable database, you can literally scan a book in the fastest way as compared to the regular applications. All this saves valuable time, it does give offline access to the boondock or library.

Pricing settings

ScoutIQ helps you to choose the realistic price list. Limited access to the single data point will lead you to the loss of money because more than fifty percent of the books do not have a prime price like a visible section of the main prices, like all used prices, and visible prime prices. Once you have selected the list of prices, there will be a deduction for the expense and amazon will be there to deduct the shipping expense after arriving at the expected internet profit. This profit-based system is helpful for the users to focus on growing the business.

Speed mode

The speed mode of the ScoutiQ is amazing. Continue to scan your books with your smartphone camera and you can save the readable text in a short span of time. Just by enabling the speed mode slider,  you can watch the results of the side of the snap by side. This is the best segment for those who want to scan quickly but can’t afford the Bluetooth scanner.

ASIN Search

 Asin search is crazy- With the scoutIQ, you can search for any item with a barcode reader. You can different items like CDs, DVDs Games, Vinyl, Toys, and other electronic devices.

ISBN database

Create the ISBN and add to them in the database, we will work live and show you the result with the Live Mode and use Data and then we can add to the database so you may not keep worrying for the next time usage.

You can quickly, identify books even from the database mode. Plus, timely help from the US-based team. Via email or youtube Facebook pages, you can measure the sources beforehand. By the way, ScoutIQ is integrated with eflip, an scouting tool for books.

ScoutIQ is not limited to books only, you can search multiple items on the internet.

VA manager

With just a simple click on the “hire button” you can hire a Amazon Virtual Assistant and add employees interested in doing the remote jobs according to your requirements. It does create a custom  store, assign different tasks to the team members.

ScoutIQ's hidden mode is also fantastic when you decide to share specific information with selected employees. Users can manage multiple trigger profiles and a set of triggers for Books Sales at your local Library and decide on another different store, you can also fix this file for different modes, like video games, DVDs, CDS, and other Businesses.

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There are 2 main pricing plans

Live + database – $44 a month


  • Unlimited Live Look Ups
  • Downloadable Database

Live – $14 a month

  • No limit for lookups

ScoutIQ review

After been trying lots of Retail Arbitrage and scouting apps like FBA Scan, Scan Power mobile and others, ScoutIQ is one of the  easiest ones when it comes to plug-play and start scouting. The only problem, at least for me, is that it's only working for US and UK markets, so Europe is excluded.



  • Great stock triggers need valuable modification when serching for profitable inventory.
  • Easy process: scan the Amazon barcode and it also helps you to track the number of sold items. This application is highly recommendable who has just started reselling books online.
  • An essential tool for any bookseller
  • Unlike competitor's software, this one's speed and accuracy is fantastic.
  • ScoutIQ is an amazing application for the user who wants to save money as the price is far cheaper than it's competitors
  • Easy user interface: very simple and easy to use for the users.
  • The customer support team is active for 24 hours to answers all questions of the users.
  • No need for a professional Amazon account to use the database only
  • The fact that you can create groups and teams is a win versus other apps


  • Sometimes, due to poor data connection or bugs, there are sign-in problems or retrieving the product's data might be slower than usual
  • It is not possible to cancel the free trial to get access to the monthly plan, so you have to wait 14 days
  • Scout IQ database is just limited to the United States and the United Kingdom only.

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