Scoutly vs ScoutIQ

If you are familiar with Amazon scanning / scouting apps, you'll know Scoutly (formerly known as ASellertool) and ScoutIQ

If you are into retail arbitrage, you must know that these two tools are indispensable to determine the profitability of products to resale on Amazon. While I have a personal inclination towards Scoutly, I believe in the importance of individual preferences and needs. Here's my take on these two renowned apps:

Scoutly vs ScoutIQ app overview

Purpose / goal

Both Scoutly and ScoutIQ are built to determine the profitability of items for resale on Amazon. The idea is that you have tone of this scan apps on your phone and use them to scan barcodes to determine Amazon P&L of the product. So, the goal is to source faster and with reliable data. Both apps use metrics such as sales rank, price, and competition to provide insights.

scoutly for iphone app


Simply use your phone's camera or a Bluetooth scanner to capture barcodes and get the info. Of course, you'll need an Internet connection to retrieve the data


Pretty similar, but Scoutly stands out with its broader range of customization options, allowing users to tailor their experience.


ScoutIQ presents a more visually appealing chart as Scoutly looks old (just for the design). Yet, Scoutly takes the lead by tracking additional metrics: the “used buy box” price, which can be a game-changer for many sellers, specially if you're reselling 2nd hand books (a big market on Amazon).


Both apps are equipped with databases (online and offline) but we don't have the number of products on their databases.

Available Marketplaces

Scoutly works for USA, Canada and UK. And features live search for USA, Canada, UK and Europe, while ScoutIQ only works for the US.

Scoutly vs ScoutIQ integrations

Both tools work directly with Amazon Seller Central so you can list your products from the app.

scoutiq screenshots

Scoutly vs ScoutIQ pricing and trials

Scoutly's professional plan is priced at $35/month. If you're looking to add more team members, it's an additional $30/month for each. They also offer a 30-day free trial for this plan.

On the other hand, ScoutIQ's counterpart to Scoutly's professional plan comes at $44/month (or a discounted $36/month with an annual commitment). They also have a live-only plan at $14/month (or $10/month annually) and a 14-day free trial.

Scoutly vs ScoutIQ UX & features

Scoutly it's renowned for its extensive customization options. Features such as rank colors, audio cues, and tools like an accept list and history/watch lists make it a favorite among advanced users.

ScoutIQ is ideal for newcomers, it's simpler with fewer customizations. However, it compensates with a wealth of resources and challenges for beginners, all backed by a supportive community and educational materials.

Full comparison



Downloadable database



Live database



Custom options




US, CA, UK and Europe


Amazon integration



Design and UX






Android & iOS app




For beginners, my advice is simple: experiment with both apps before settling. But, if you're looking to sell outside the US, you need Scoutly, as ScoutIQ is US-limited.

Both apps have a similar pricing, turbo listing capabilities and Amazon Seller Central integration, while from a UX side, Scoutly is far better designed that ScoutIQ and that's really important when you are looking at a lot of data on a tiny screen.

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