Sellbrite is a platform aiming to make selling on multiple channels convenient for online retailers. It was born out of the difficulties experienced by the founders on expanding their sales across different online marketplaces. It was founded on 2014 and is currently based on Pasadena, California.

Sellbrite Features

Available for the big markets of Amazon

Sellbrite supports the Amazon marketplaces of U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe (UK, DE, ES, IT and FR).

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Intuitive listing management

It enables users to list products in bulk and save listing options for future listings. Variations can also be created in pricing, titles, descriptions, and other product relevant data across different marketplaces with just a few clicks. It can also import listings when integrating an existing account to Sellbrite.

The listing management feature has listing templates. These templates let Sellbrite users list new items and make modifications on existing ones easily.

You can set item variations such as colors and sizes into a single listing. It also lets users enter an item’s category, search tags, and other search filters in Amazon.

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Inventory management

Sellbrite provides multi-warehouse support for tracking and managing inventory. It automatically adjusts inventory in real-time so stocks and provides data on available, reserved, and on-hand stock levels.

It can synchronize with the Fulfillment by Amazon inventory management system so FBA quantities and merchant-fulfilled quantities are taken into account.

Sellbrite’s inventory management feature runs 24/7. All updates are done within minutes across all the different sales channels that users list on the cloud-based software.

sellbrite inventory management

Order fulfillment

Any orders made on Amazon and other channels are streamlined into Sellbrite. This provides users a single interface for printing shipping labels for orders from different channels. It also gives the option to route non-Amazon orders through FBA for shipping.

It can automatically route orders by customers to the appropriate fulfillment centers. These orders can come from warehouses or FBA.

Sellbrite users get discounted rates for orders fulfilled by the software. Any label printed is billed directly to their UPS or FedEX account at the reduced rate.

It has ShipStation integration for users requiring advanced shipping functionality. Sellbrite automatically routes orders from ShipStation and records tracking information it sends back. The software then alerts the appropriate sales channel regarding the order.

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Supports multiple accounts

Sellbrite synchronizes the listings of different Amazon accounts. It only requires a single change for multiple listings to reflect the adjustments to the price, product catalog, and images.

Syncing the price extends to other non-Amazon sales channels. Users can set price rules in each channel to make changes in product prices automated.

Data reporting

Sellbrite gives its users access to data collected by the different channels. Sales reports provide insight to the sales and order volume of each channel and listing. Users can set stock thresholds so they can receive alerts on inventory requiring restocking.

Users can use the graphs and tables available on the data reporting interface or they can export the data to a CSV file to open and analyze it on a spreadsheet software.

Multi-channel support

Sellbrite provides the mentioned features in other online marketplaces and shopping cart platforms. With Amazon, it also lets you list, track, and analyze your products on other channels such as eBay, Etsy, BigCommerce, Walmart, Newegg, Shopify, ShopifyPlus, Sears, WooCommerce, Rakuten, and Jet.

API Access

Sellbrite allows developers and ERP systems to integrate third-party solutions into the software. This lets users have a more personalized approach in automating listing management, inventory management, and order fulfillment.

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Sellbrite Pricing Tiers

Sellbrite is available at $49, $149, $249, or $399 per month. Each tier have varying maximums on order fulfilled each month. FBA inventory and multi-channel fulfillment is an add-on for each tier at $49 per month.

Which orders are included? All new orders from each sales channel connected to Sellbrite, except Amazon FBA orders, which never count toward your plan limit. per month (an extra cost of $49/month)

Pro 100 plan: $49/month

  • Up to 100 orders

Pro 500 plan: $149/month

  • Up to 500 orders

Pro 2k plan: $249/month

  • Up to 2.000 orders

Pro 10k plan: $399/month

  • Up to 10.000 orders

Sellbrite Review


Sellbrite provides convenience and automation for Amazon sellers. It gives you a way to manage multiple Amazon marketplaces from a single interface.

You can easily learn how to use it with their video tutorials, webinars, and other training channels. They also provide e-mail and chat support for more personalized assistance. However, live call support and success manager consultations are only available on their $249 and $399 per month plans. Users who had to troubleshoot their account praise Sellbrite’s customer service in actually spending time to help solve issues and answer queries.

The integrated shipping feature simplifies your business since you would not have to look for a provider in that end.  Unfortunately, it can be limiting having no capability to print labels or invoices in bulk.

Its pricing is only on a monthly basis so you don’t have to worry about being tied to a provider and not being able to change your mind in the future. You can easily cancel your subscription, or upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Onboarding + Go Live Webinar


However, they noted that the price seems to increase every time a new market or feature is added (we are talking about the FBA integration). Some see this as acceptable while others see it as an unnecessary expense since they do not use the added marketplaces.

The greatest negative pointed out by its users is the lack of integration to accounting or finance software. Some users have to resort to copy and pasting figures to these programs.

All in all, existing users generally have a positive view of its features and its convenient set-up. It made listing and managing items on different channels simpler. Some also appreciate the fact that they saved money on shipping due to Sellbrite’s order fulfillment feature.

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