Seller F1

Seller F1 is a great tool to help Buy Box owners to sell more (yes, even more!). Using this software you will be able to get real-time data about repricing of your competitors. You better keep up your work-strategy so your position will never be surpassed by your competitors.

Seller F1 Features

The two main features of Seller F1 are:

  • Get More Customer Feedback: this tool does help you keep track from the feedback from your customers, one of the main score-points to win the Buy-Box for a product. You will be able to ask for reviews in an easier way by sending automated and personalized emails to your customers (this way, you will increase your reviews and ratings!).
  • Repricing Amazon listings: you will be able to keep track of the repricing of your competitors in an easier way, so better stay alert to keep it up in order to boost your sales and make yourself money (because, in the end, this way, you will win the Buy Box so your chances of increasing your profits will come its way).


You can sign up for a 15 days free-trial, with no-need of giving your Credit Card information.


Each Seller F1 plan does run for a period of 30 days, which will get you:

  • Negative feedback tracking.
  • Alerts on losing Buy-Box.
  • Customer feedback manager.
  • Product ratings/review manager.
  • Process Amazon easy ship orders.
  • Automated email request for negative feedback removal.
  • Continuous repricing.
  • Email/phone support.

And the prices go from ₹ 499.0 to ₹ 16999.0

Seller F1 Review

If you are set to reach the Buy Box and do want to increase sales, you better step up your game in order to beat your competitors, and start receiving reviews and feedback from your customers! Just trust on this tool and your way up to the top on Amazon will be easier.


Seller F1: Generate amazon schedule order pickup file

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