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Seller Investigators is a company dedicated to recovering money from Amazon Sellers who use the Amazon FBA fulfillment platform, this process is best known as “Amazon reimbursements” or “Amazon refunds”. Seller Investigators is also part of the Carbon6 stack of tools.

📆 Review updated on June 2023: new client dashboard
📆 Review updated on July 2023: customer Returns managed services

As you may know, Amazon FBA also messes up sometimes and, among other things, you should check:

  • Refunds made to customers who never returned the product
  • The customer is reimbursed for more than what they have paid
  • FBA damaged products
  • FBA lost inventory
  • Inventory destroyed without your permission
  • Seller is mischarged for inventory weight or dimension
  • Refunds that have not been received by the Seller
  • Amazon tells you that a returned item is back in your inventory, but it isn't
  • Damaged incoming shipment by Amazon carrier
  • Etc

All this information can be found within the downloadable Excels that we can find in Amazon inventory reports. But this process has 5 problems:

  1. Know what you are looking for
  2. Find the information
  3. Match / reconcile Amazon reports' information with your own warehouses and ERP info
  4. Find failures so you are able to claim the money
  5. Know how to claim your money

There are more than 20 cases in which Amazon may have overcharged you and recovering that money is what they do at Seller Investigators.

Here's a work in progress audit performed in less than 48 hours:

sellerinvestigators work in progress fba reimbursement refund audit

Does it work for every Amazon Marketplace and country?

Absolutely yes. Doesn't matter if you're selling in the US, Europe or Middle East, you will have:

  • Seller Investigators' dedicated case managers
  • International Support (US, UK, EU, APAC)
  • Customizable audits
  • Personalized claim reviews

Does it work for agencies and aggregators?

Yes, you can add multiple clients or multiple brands and start getting their money back.

Dashboard features

The new revamped dashboard for Sellers includes:

  • real-time updates
  • drill-down capabilities to explore cases
  • customizable time filters
  • clear calls to action
  • 100% traceable funds
  • new redesign
  • new customer returns managed services: Seller Investigators can file returns claims for you 60 days after the customer refund was issued so you can get the money back

How does it work

Seller Investigators connects to your Amazon Seller Central like other apps, giving them permissions through the Seller Central app center. They're an official Amazon app and 100% Amazon ToS compilant.

Once they have permission, they carry out a free audit in which they inform you of how much money they could recover from your account.

From there, you have to give permissions to various reports from your Seller Central and to be able to create cases on your behalf with Seller Support and you start to recover money.

The email you'll got when the free audit is done looks like this one sent by their Clients Success Partner, Gina Ponticelli to one of my customers.

seller investigators free audit results

Awesome, isn't it? Who doesn't want free money back?


SellerInvestigators only charge you if you get your money back. Their commission is 25% of the total refunds that they manage to return to you.

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I have been working with SellerInvestigators for several of my European Amazon FBA and PanEU clients for a few months now and we have managed to recover money in all of them.

In the case of small accounts, we may be talking about €2,000, but in the case of large accounts that sell in several countries, the figures are almost €100,000.

Working with Seller Investigators is very easy because they take care of practically everything. The only thing you have to do is present the documents as the BOL (Bill Of Lading) so that they can present all the cases to Seller Support for you and get your money back. I recommend them 100%

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