SellerActive is a marketplace management tool designed for Amazon, eBay and Walmart Sellers that want to automate, optimize and expand operations and daily tasks such as order management, catalogue publication, repricing and inventory management in different sales channels.

What is SellerActive?


SellerActive offers a range of features to help businesses in 3 key areas: order management, repricing, catalogue publication and inventory management. As usual, let's break down the features:

Multichannel Listing / Product Creation

Create and publish listings for all major marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. You can then edit, manage and update those listings from SellerActive.

Product Data Mapping

Have a feed or your catalogue already on an ecommerce platform? Then you can easily import products and use data mapping to list them on other sales channels: Amazon, Walmart and eBay

Multichannel Inventory Syncing

So now that you have a tool connected to different sales channels, yes, you can also sync your inventory accross those multiple channels from the Inventory dashboard on SellerActive.

selleractive dashboard

Automated Repricing Software

Multilchannel repricing software, so you can control your different pricings (% and absolute) on every listing and every Marketplace.

Multichannel Order Management

Consolidate multichannel orders for faster fulfillment. With SellerActive, you can aggregate the order data on the same dashboard, unifying your orders and preventing errors.

Other features

Last but not least, you can: create product bundles from SellerActive, create variations, tag products, integrate FBA and more!

selleractive order management dashboard


SellerActive offers a 14-day free trial for businesses to explore its features and benefits. Additionally, they also provide a 20% discount on annual billing.


SellerActive offers 4 different pricing packages based on your monthly GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) limit:

1. Basic: $99/month, with a monthly GMV limit of $10k.
2. Plus: $349/month, with a monthly GMV limit of $100k.
3. Elite: $549/month, with a monthly GMV limit of $250k.
4. Custom: Get a quote for a monthly GMV limit of over $250k.

All plans include:

  • Unlimited Orders Per Month (FBA Included)
  • Inventory Min/Max Buffering
  • Unlimited Sales Channels
  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment
  • Unlimited Listings
  • Product Bundling/Kitting
  • Multi-Channel Inventory Management
  • Bulk File Import
  • Instant Repricing Technology (when add-on is purchased)
  • API Access
  • Buy Box Algorithm Pricing
  • SKUVAULT Integration
  • Sales Velocity Algorithm Pricing
  • ShipStation Integration
  • Dynamic Cost-Based Min/Max Pricing
  • Automatic Tracking Number Updates
  • Price Mirroring Pricing
  • Email Support
  • Marketplace Product Creation
  • Live Chat Support
  • Variation Support
  • Live U.S. Phone Support
  • Auto-Import Products
  • Success Manager


SellerActive integrates with different sales channels, shipping management tools and accounting software,, including:

These integrations allow easy management and synchronization of inventory, orders, and shipping across multiple platforms.


SellerActive is an (almost) all-in-one tool for Amazon, eBay and Walmart Sellers including subtools for order management, catalogue import / publication / management / edit, repricing and inventory management.

Although I love all-in-one tools, they all have the same cons. You have many tools, but none of them end up being 100% specialized in their field. For example, SellerActive's Repricer doesn't have as many settings as you might find in a repricing-only tool like Seller Snap or RepricerXpress.

You are looking for a PIM (Product Management Information) only tool, you have Akeneo, Feedvisor and other feed manager type tools that are specialized in that field. It's not that those SellerActive features are bad, but if you cover a lot, you don't squeeze much.

That said, the mere fact that SellerActive is part of is already a guarantee of quality and that the team behind the tool is not just good, it's super good.

Here's a breakdown of what stands out:

  • Vast feature list working for eBay, Walmart and Amazon Seller Central.
  • Multichannel capabilities covering Marketplaces, accounting tools, shipping tools, ecommerce platforms and more
  • UX designed, the interface is superb
  • Flexible pricing based on monthly GMV
  • 14 day free trial no credit card needed
  • 20% discount on annual billing

To me, the emphasis on multichannel operations and automation is timely, given the current e-commerce landscape and SellerActive covers almost them all!

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