SellerMetrics is a powerful Amazon PPC tool for Sellers, Vendors and KDP that helps optimize and manage campaigns. It offers advanced optimization and ranking features that can increase sales, lower ACoS, and improve click-through rates (CTRs).

With SellerMetrics, you can easily organize and optimize your campaigns without having to edit them manually. It also allows you to track top metrics such as sales rank, buy box percentage, session percentage, unit session percentage, and product ranking and, if you're familiar with Amazon PPC tools, those are not common metrics on their dashboards.

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SellerMetrics works for Amazon Sellers, Amazon Vendors and Kindle Direct Publishers.


As usual, let's break down every feature on the software:

Bulk files

Bulk files help you easily organize and optimize your campaigns without having to edit them manually. Imagine changing hundreds of bids, pausing keywords, and/or creating thousands of campaigns in just a few clicks. Yes, we are used to do that using and Excel file and Amazon's Advertising Console but, man, this is so much easy!

Global PPC management

As you can see on the screenshot, you can define global ppc bid limits really easy from the settings page. Useful for multi country accounts!

sellermetrics global ppc bid limits


Track top metrics beyond the campaigns performance such as sales rank, buy box percentage, session percentage, unit session percentage and product ranking.
KDP metrics also include KENP Read (Kindle edition normalized pages read) and Estimated KENP Royalties.

sellermetrics metrics

Sponsored Ranker

This is an innovative approach when it comes to Amazon PPC campaign goals. The sponsored ranker feature will make sure that you rank number 1 for a certain keyword by focusing all it's effort on getting sales for that keyword.

sellermetrics sponsored ranker

Automatic Bidding

Well, of course, this tool also has the automatic bidding feature, based on SellerMetrics' own algorithms.

1 account for every marketplace

Selling in different Amazon Marketplaces? You'll just need 1 SellerMetrics account to manage your PPC campaigns in the different countries.


I love this feature which, I'm surprised, I only have found on Sponsoreds, Adbrew and a few other tools. Basically, you can manage different bid adjustments based on dayparting.


SellerMetrics is integrated with: Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Vendor Central (AMS) and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP, KENP and more)
So you can manage: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands Video, Sponsored Display and more formats from the platform.

It also works for every Amazon Marketplace with an Advertising platform: US/CA/UK/DE/FR/ES/IT/NL/BR/AE/SG/AU/JP…

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SellerMetrics offers several pricing tiers depending on the monthly ad spend starting at just $1.
Every plan includes all the features, as well as unlimited campaigns, unlimited keywords, and unlimited products.

Let's see an example for a Monthy Ad Spend $1 – $4,000 budget

Monthy Ad Spend $1 – $4,000 – $60 USD / month, includes:

  • Unlimited Marketplace/Ad Account Supported
  • Bid Automation
  • Keyword/ASIN(ISBN) Harvesting
  • Automated Rules
  • Analytics Reporting
  • KDP Supported (SP Only)
  • KENP Metrics
  • Multiple User Management

SellerMetrics review

SellerMetrics is a great tool for Amazon PPC management wether you are a Vendor, Seller or Kindle Direct Publisher and it starts at a really cheap pricing tier: just $60 a month.

The tool offers the usual Amazon PPC stack of features: advanced optimization and ranking features that can increase sales, lower ACoS, and improve click-through rates (CTRs) based on it's own algorithms but it also includes some exclusive features worth mentioning such as the Sponsored Ranker or the bulk file processor to update campaigns in bulk.

With SellerMetrics, you can easily organize your worldwide campaigns, as you have just 1 access / account for every Amazon Marketplace. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.


  • Works for Seller / Vendor / KDP
  • The Sponsored Ranked feature to get the Top 1 on the keywords is amazing
  • Support for all Amazon ad types (SP/SB/SBV/SD)
  • Consolidated marketplace account management: 1 account to rule them all xD
  • Real-time dashboard of ad performance
  • One-click campaigns set up
  • 14 day free trial


  • The only con I've found is that is not a specific tool for KDP or Vendor, so it has more feature available for Sellers
  • KDP only supports Sponsored Products, for the moment

Our score

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  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly
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  • Learning curve
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