SellerRunning is an all-in-one platform to expand your Amazon Seller business across the 17 global Amazon marketplaces. Featuring an order manager, catalogue manager, feedback manager, complete reports tool, repricer integration and fully Amazon compliant dropshipping system.

SellerRunning is part of, an Amazon software aggregator featuring some great tools on their portfolio: Smartrepricer, Tactical Arbitrage, Bindwise, ChannelReply, FeedbackWhiz, RefundSniper, ScoutIQ, SellerBench and other tools.

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SellerRunning Dashboard Overview


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As usual, let's break the features down:

Catalogue management

Using SellerRunning you can:

  • Manage Inventory
  • Add New Products
  • Create and manage product Variants
  • Check your best-selling products
  • Check your duplicate listings
  • Check your updates history
  • Automate your pricings uploading CSVs
  • Upload your categories
  • Black List categories
  • Create brand lists for Amazon Brand Registry
  • Upload product lists
  • Upload keyword lists to enhance your SEO

sellerrunning add new products

Price and stock updates

Your Amazon store's prices and stock levels are automatically updated according to the rules you set and expanding those rules to every Amazon Marketplace.


You can do this integrating another Threecolts tool: SmartRepricer

smartrepricer repricing strategies

Amazon dropshipping

SellerRunning's Chrome Extension simplifies the product search process allowing sellers to sell products without investing in inventory.

sellerrunning chrome extension for dropshipping

Smart accounting features

SellerRunning's software works like a charm providing smart sales tax rate calculators, customs duty calculation, taxpayer support and copyright protection services.

Manage orders

Check, edit or create orders from the order management dashboard and mark them as:

  • Sold
  • Placed
  • PreConfirmed
  • Confirmed
  • Delivered
  • Canceled
  • Returning To Seller
  • Refunded
  • SR House Orders
  • Manual Fulfillment
  • Not Delivered On Time
  • Package May Be Lost
  • Check Delivery Info
  • Late Shipment

As you can see, lots of labels not just for FBA and SFP, but also for Fulfillment By Merchant.

sellerrunning store orders


A complete report center where you can find info on:

  • Sales Report
  • Profit Report
  • All your Marketplaces (countries) Report
  • Product Defect Report
  • Pricing Errors Report
  • Account Health
  • Buybox Report
  • Business Report
  • Payouts
  • Popular Times where you get orders

sellerrunning all marketplaces report

Feedback Manager

Create rules and workflows to send review requests by organizing them on campaigns. Check also Sent Feedbacks and Negative Feedbacks.

All the settings you need

Seriously, there are lots of settings, check some of them out, so you can configure everything on your storefronts and dashboards:

  • Store Preferences to customize store settings including billing, integration…
  • Amazon Store Name
  • Maximum Stock, limits the number of items in stock for FBM
  • Main currency (you can choose from any of the currencies available on the Amazon Marketplaces)
  • Tax Payer, a useful option for Spanish taxpayers (like me) to account for tax in profits
  • Sales Tax Percentage to input your sales tax rate
  • Automatically add products to restricted or blacklisted categories
  • Customizable Handling Time
  • Max Delivery Time
  • Auto-delete, to automatically remove products that don鈥檛 meet criteria after a set interval
  • Auto Carrier Change, to update tracking information automatically.
  • Gift Note, to allow automatic completion of gift notes for orders.
  • Automatic Order Confirmation
  • Automatic Pre-order Confirmation without tracking numbers.
  • Automatic Price Update
  • Automatic Stock Update
  • Automatic Product Removal
  • Automatic Product Insert

sellerrunning store preferences

All the filters you (also need)

And the filters for the dashboards, which are also fully customizable:

  • Filtering by fulfillment method (FBA/Amazon)
  • Filtering trademark-protected products
  • Filtering discounted or unavailable products
  • Filtering products by shipping capabilities
  • Filtering based on seller location or type (e.g., Chinese sellers, Amazon as a seller)
  • Options to remove or mark out of stock for products that don鈥檛 meet specific criteria

sellerrunning filters


As usual when it comes to Threecolts tools, offers 6 different pricing plans and 2 months free trial:

  • Lite: $49/month for 5,000 listings.
  • Standard: $59/month for 10,000 listings.
  • Business: $79/month for 25,000 listings.
  • Professional: $99/month for 50,000 listings.
  • Enterprise: $179/month for 100,000 listings.
  • High Level 1: $299/month for 150,000 listings.

Every plan includes:

  • 17 Amazon marketplaces
  • Rapid search via extension
  • Integrated warehouse module
  • Order management
  • Automated pricing
  • Smart reports
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Automatic price and stock updates
  • Store filters
  • Free repricer tool (Smartrepricer)
  • Automatic fullfilment
  • SmartRepricer integration


SellerRunning integrates with Amazon via the Seller API (and also works without Amazon SP-API integration needed). It also works with the repricer Smartrepricer.

Works for:

  • Amazon US
  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon Mexico
  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon Germany
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Italy
  • Amazon Spain
  • Amazon UAE
  • Amazon Australia
  • Amazon Japan
  • Amazon Singapore
  • Amazon Saudi Arabia
  • Amazon Egypt
  • Amazon Poland
  • Amazon Sweden
  • Amazon Netherlands
  • Amazon Turkey
  • Amazon Belgium
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As usual when it comes to Threecolts tools, just the fact that they work for EVERY Amazon Marketplace is a win vs all the competitors. But let's take a closer look at the tool, shall we?

When you're scaling your Amazon business, the last thing you need is more problems or manual tasks on your table. And SellerRunning can help you with that. This is just “one of those tools” that has everything you need to deploy new listings, automate price upload, reprice, translate, avoid brand gatings, use FBA/FBM/SFP and even sell without stock using dropshipping.

The smart accounting features stand out for international sellers who need to navigate complex tax laws and customs duties (yes, that's me, I sell in Europe!).

Also, the settings and the filters are just TOP. You can configure everything you need. But it has other top features:

  • Addition of new products, managing variants, tracking best-sellers, avoiding duplicate listings…
  • Keyword uploads to enhance SEO
  • Blacklist certain categories or brands to avoid complaints and buying gated brands/products
  • Real-time updates on pricing and stock levels across all Amazon Marketplaces
  • Integration with SmartRepricer allows for dynamic pricing strategies
  • Chrome Extension for product discovery & dropshipping
  • Extensive order labeling, flexible enough to cater to FBA, SFP, and FBM fulfillment
  • Reporting suite covering sales, profits, marketplaces… and giving detailed insights for the noob Seller

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly
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