Sellozo is an advertising + analytics tool for Amazon Sellers featuring lots of subtools that will make your daily job a piece of cake.

This tool that helps Amazon sellers get the best out of their business. Why would an Amazon seller need a tool for this purpose? Because, being an Amazon seller can seem overwhelming, especially at first. There are so many things to remember. So many points to keep in mind. A business person won’t master this routine without many years of experience.

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But with Sellozo, it’s possible not only to master the system at Amazon but even to get the best out of it. Sellozo provides automated Amazon advertising. Its USP is the fact that it helps sellers on Amazon to increase their sales while saving time and also expense. You can use Sellozo software to optimize as well as automate Amazon advertising.

This will give optimal results. So your ads hit the mark every time. Sellozo also offers a suite of analytical tools. These help to see what is going on in the business process and show what is working and what isn’t.

It can save an Amazon seller from making mistakes and get their business running on a steady course. The client doesn’t have to make mistakes through lack of experience. They can get their business past all that and on to a satisfactory level.

Sellozo features

Let’s have a look at some of Sellozo’s interesting features. This will help us to see why it’s a good idea for an Amazon seller to use this software.

Amazon Advertising manager

The biggest problem confronting new Amazon sellers nowadays is managing the advertising. This is where expert help is invaluable. Sellozo has software that can simplify the process. This includes ad automation and optimization. The tool can manage time-consuming tasks that ads generate. This leaves the client free to use the time saved to make the business stronger and more profitable.

Complete analytics dashboard

Sellozo offers a suite of analytical tools. These help clients to understand their business better. Sellozo’s analytical software helps users to figure out which products are profitable. They can also learn more about how their advertising budget impacts sales. They can also use these tools to figure out what fees impact their final profits. This gives the client a very clear idea about what works for their business and what doesn't. This is insightful and useful information.

Amazing support

Excellent support. The Sellozo support system is like having expertise on tap. Sellozo support helps clients to set up. It advises on how best to use the tool to ensure its optimal performance. Their team of experts can guide on every aspect of a business, from strategy to optimizing your ad spend.

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Pricing & trial

Sellozo offers 3 different plans including:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Product Vu
  • True Profit Reporting
  • Live Order Tracking
  • Email Support
  • 1-on-1 Kickoff Call
  • Best Seller Rank Tracking
  • Real-Time Buy Box Tracking
  • SmartTag Product Grouping
  • PPC Reporting
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Unlimited SKUs

Ad Automation – $139 to $399 a month including:

  • Manual and bulk changes to your campaigns, bids, keywords and more.
  • Track Campaign Performance
  • Dayparting
  • Bid and Budget Adjustments in Bulk
  • Negative Keywords and Phrases
  • Keyword Discovery

Repricing – $99 to $249 a month including:

  • Set your minimum and maximum prices
  • Profit Protection: Add your costs and break even pricing so you don’t lose money while staying competitive
  • See and compete against other sellers for the same product
  • Choose whether or not to compete against only Prime Eligible sellers or all Sellers

Plus you can hire Expert support from $0 to $499 a month.


The general opinion of Sellozo? It's that it’s an excellent investment for an Amazon seller's business BUT it's far too expensive.

It saves us time and trouble and is well worth the cost. Customer satisfaction is high with an odd complaint.  But nothing that would cause loss of faith in the company. Their advice is first-class. Sellozo experts are most insightful and always practical and actionable. It’s the one tool that seems to actually grow a client’s business, which is quite an attribute.

When you’ve been struggling as a seller on Amazon, getting this tool makes you feel you’ve uncovered a major secret. Managing PPC ads needs expertise. Many Sellozo users recommend this service.  It would seem that the most appreciated aspect of Sellozo is hands-on support.

The panel of experts on Sellozo is excellent, by all accounts. Users appreciate the analytical tools too. The user is free to select a package consisting only of the tools to suit their particular needs. They need only to pay for the tools they’ve selected, therefore avoiding unnecessary expense.

Some users claim that using Sellozo has saved them from wasting thousands of dollars. That’s an amazing claim and no business person will make it unless there’s a compelling reason to do so. The way the user support team responds to queries, in such a speedy manner, is very pleasing to the clients. When a user lodges a complaint, on the rare occasion that it happens, the team responds at the earliest. The team always responds to complaints with the determination to solve the problem. The aim is to figure out what happened, learn from the situation and work out a solution.  You can’t get much better than that.

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