Shopkeeper is a profit dashboard app that lets you keep an eye on your profit margin. But how does this app check your daily sales efficiently? And how does it fare compared to other profit dashboards? Join us as we review the tool below.

Profit is everything to any business. A successful Amazon merchant knows how to keep an eye on his profit. However, keeping tabs on your profit using the traditional spreadsheets can be a pain, especially in medium- to large-scale enterprises. So how do you solve this?

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Enter Shopkeeper.

📆 Review updated on September 2023: including new feature “Listing Health Page”

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About Shopkeeper

As a profit dashboard app, Shopkeeper allows merchants like you to see your sales across all Amazon marketplaces. Shopkeeper offers a simple, easy-to-use dashboard where you can check your profit at a glance. But not only that, the app also automatically calculates expenses for you.

It calculates 72 types of fees to show if your products are profitable. This includes your manufacturing costs, sales taxes, shipping fees, and PPC costs, among others. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Shopkeeper Features

With Shopkeeper, you can see all your data in one central hub. But not only that, there are additional features that can help Amazon sellers manage their business more efficiently.

Profit Tracking

Sum up stats from all Amazon marketplaces every five minutes. Find out how much profit you made on Amazon in a detailed list of all your expenses.

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Inventory Forecast

Manage your inventory and prevent understock and overstock. Filter by country to get a good overview of stock availability there.

Business Dashboard

Enjoy a simple, easy-to-use profit dashboard and check how your sales are going at a glance. Watch important metrics like overall profit margin, growth curve, and best sellers with Shopkeeper.

Learning Resources

Discover a treasure trove of Amazon tools for merchants. Learn from over 200 resources including Amazon product research tools, rank tracking tools, and FBA profit calculator tools.

Listing Health

This is a monitor and alert tools that keeps an eye on your ASINs for key metrics such as reviews, ratings, Best Seller Rank, Buybox winner and listing suppression.


Shopkeeper supports a total of 11 Amazon marketplaces including

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • India
  • Australia

Pricing Tiers

Shopkeeper prices are tiered into four plans. The app offers a 14-day trial, and then charges you $20 on your first month. The monthly fee depends on the number of orders for each month. Price tiers range from $20 to $250 per month. With plenty of features to use, Shopkeeper is a good deal to get an accurate overview of your profit.

Novice plan: $20/month

  • 1 to 250 Orders per Month
  • Notifications on New Sales, Inventory Levels & New Sellers
  • Checks Every 10 Minutes
  • Business Dashboard
  • Sales, Inventory & Sellers Overview Reports

Intermediate plan: $45/month

  • 250 to 1,000 Orders per Month
  • Notifications on New Sales, Inventory Levels & New Sellers
  • Checks Every 10 Minutes
  • Business Dashboard
  • Sales, Inventory & Sellers Overview Reports

Master plan: $90/month

  • 1,000 to 5,000 Orders per Month
  • Notifications on New Sales, Inventory Levels & New Sellers
  • Checks Every 10 Minutes
  • Business Dashboard
  • Sales, Inventory & Sellers Overview Reports

Ballin' outta control plan: $250/month

  • Unlimited Orders per Month
  • Notifications on New Sales, Inventory Levels & New Sellers
  • Checks Every 10 Minutes
  • Business Dashboard
  • Sales, Inventory & Sellers Overview Reports

Shopkeeper Review


Shopkeeper automates how you track your profit margin. There’s no need for the traditional spreadsheets and manual computation, which consumes valuable business time. With this app, you can reduce the hassle of checking your profit thru a simple dashboard. You can then use this newfound time to focus on your business growth.

Unlike other product dashboards, Shopkeeper got the most number of expenses calculated together. This lets you make informed decisions based on accurate data. The apps shows a detailed report of your expenses, allowing you to point issues affecting your profit. When you know the issue, you can act on it quickly.

Aside from the profit dashboard, the app also lets you track your inventory. This inventory forecast informs you when and where you need to stock. By stocking the right amount products, you can prevent financial loss due to out-of-stock and overstock.

Shopkeeper is an efficient tool in automating the calculation of your expenses. It does its function well to let you see your sales across all Amazon marketplaces. With its clutter-free dashboard, there’s no need to experience the hassle of traditional spreadsheets again. The detailed report it offers also helps you leverage on best-selling products and prevent further loss on areas that need attention.

The inventory forecast is also a nice addition to the app. It helps Amazon sellers plan for their business. With its accurate insight, you’ll never run out of stock or have too many, which all leads to financial loss.

With its list of supported marketplaces and learning resources, Shopkeeper is a worthy app for your business. This is especially true if you are selling on multiple marketplaces such as India or Japan.


Shopkeeper doesn’t allow you to bulk upload files yourself. You have to contact its email support to do that. You also have to manually enter product costs such as shipping and manufacturing. Changing the product costs also affects all your stats. This is crucial as it can affect the costs for older and newer sales, which can impact the accuracy of your data.

Although there are a few features that need improvement, Shopkeeper is a great app for Amazon sellers. Shopkeeper, as the name suggests, helps you track crucial stats about your shop. And without automated tools like this one, you’ll find it hard to keep tabs on your profit.

Overall, Shopkeeper is a must-have app for Amazon sellers. It offers handy features that most profit dashboards don’t have. It greatly reduces your time doing manual calculation, which you should be spending on more important things like scaling your business. Your missing out a lot if you pass on this tool.

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