Shopventory is an inventory management and reporting tool designed by Thrive, a WordPress Themes and Plugins company. Shopventory helps businesses track and manage their inventory in real-time, saving time and money.

Feature Overview | Thrive Inventory by Shopventory

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As usual, let's break down the tool's features:

Real-time inventory management

Shopventory allows you to create and manage your inventory easily and integrate with popular POS and e-commerce platforms.

shopventory sales channels management

Track related products

You can track inventory levels across a wide variety of products and calculate costs of goods sold, which helps you understand which products are selling and which ones are not.

Spreadsheet bulk upload

You can upload inventory data in bulk using spreadsheets, making it easy to manage large amounts of inventory.

Product bundling

Shopventory allows you to create product bundles, which can help increase sales and attract customers.

Wholesale management

You can easily manage your wholesale operations with Shopventory, including tracking inventory, placing orders, and managing vendors.

shopventory vendor management

Bill of materials

Shopventory enables you to create bills of materials, making it easy to track the components and costs associated with your products.

Scan-to-count cycle counts

Shopventory supports the use of barcode scanning for cycle counts, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Multi-location syncing

If you have multiple locations, Shopventory synchronizes your inventory data across all locations, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Multi-channel syncing

Shopventory integrates with various e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Square Online, WooCommerce… allowing you to manage inventory across multiple channels.

Modifier inventory tracking

With Shopventory, you can track inventory modifiers, such as different sizes or variations of a product.


Shopventory enables you to create recipes for products that require multiple ingredients or components, helping you manage inventory and production.

Alerts and PAR levels

Shopventory sends alerts when inventory levels reach minimum threshold levels, preventing stockouts and ensuring timely reordering.

Purchase orders

You can create and manage purchase orders within Shopventory, streamlining the ordering process.

Catalogue creation and sales channel sync

Create products from the tool and send them out to your sales channels

shopventory catalogue management


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Shopventory offers 4 different pricing tiers:

Standard: $79 per month

  • 2 users
  • 2 locations
  • 3 years order history
  • 3 years reporting history
  • 3,000 transactions per month

Professional: $199 per month

  • 5 users
  • 5 locations
  • unlimited order history
  • unlimited report history
  • 10,000 transactions per month

Elite: $399 per month

  • 10 users
  • 10 locations
  • unlimited order history
  • unlimited years reporting
  • 25,000 transactions per month

Enterprise: $799 per month

  • 20 users
  • 20 locations
  • unlimited order history
  • unlimited years reporting
  • 75,000 transactions per month

All plans include:

  • a 30-day free trial
  • onboarding call
  • email/chat/in-app support
  • mobile accessibility
  • exclusive dashboard insights
  • sales tax management
  • product photos
  • email notification alerts
  • product reporting and selection filters
  • detailed sales reporting
  • weekly recap reports
  • multiple device support
  • total inventory value at a glance
  • returns management

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Shopventory integrates with

Point of Sale software

  • Clover
  • Shopify POS
  • Square POS

E-Commerce CMS

Feeds managers

  • Google for Retail
  • Facebook Shops
  • Instagram Shops

Payment gateways

  • Stripe



Shopventory is one of the most complete inventory management tools when it comes to different features.

From inventory management to listing manager, feed manager, amazon invoice creator, receipts creator… it has countless features both for online sales and offline sales (through it's POS integration).

Its real-time synchronization across multiple platforms and locations is a standout feature that can give your Amazon business the data accuracy and operational efficiency you're looking for. And it's bananas because this guys aren't even an Amazon software oriented company, they build freaking WordPress plugins! I guess they needed an inventory manager for Woocommerce and, then, Shopventory was born.

However, the cost may be a barrier for smaller businesses because this is not the cheapest software on their vertical.

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  • User friendly
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