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Smart Scout is an Amazon product research tool that takes it to another level. It especially stands out for its ability to find brands and potential suppliers for your business and for the variety of features that, honestly, are not seen in other tools of its competition.

We know that there are a number of suites and applications for Amazon that particularly stand out, the 3 or 4 heavyweights, but Smart Scout does things so well that it is called to find a gap between them in a short time.

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We will go into detail below, but the truth is that it is striking that compared to Premium solutions, it offers much more. With this software you can, for example, find wholesale suppliers and to dedicate yourself to retail arbitrage , investigate subcategories, sellers, competitors … it even allows you to filter Amazon products to avoid spending time and resources to compete directly with them.

All of this moving at a monthly price that is, at the very least, reasonable . The price-quality ratio is very balanced.

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We have already advanced that its strongest point is precisely this. By quantity and variety of solutions integrated in a single product research tool on Amazon, Smart Scout manages to stand out.

Category and brand research

In three simple steps we will have a list of relevant products. We start by setting the search framework – category / brand name, quantity of product in stock, monthly revenue … – that we want, both for brands and categories independently.

This will list a series of references for us, but it is only the beginning. Now we can apply different filters to refine the search such as:

  • Monthly income estimate
  • Amazon stock rate on listings
  • Competitors FBA
  • Top sellers with a percentage equal to or greater than 50% of sales
  • Average product dimensions to optimize logistics and shipping
  • Medium sale price, perfect to bet on medium-high ticket products.
  • Brand quality rating.

Then we have the last step, which is simply to work on the final list that we can sort and filter with the combination of criteria that we want.

Product analysis

Going down to the next level of analytical depth, we arrive at a very worked product analysis that integrates the Amazon database into the Smart Scout platform .

In the listings generated by the search engine we have a wide freedom of movement when interacting with the different items.

For example: when hovering over the thumbnails of the images, these will be automatically enlarged, we can visit the product page within Amazon just by clicking on the SKU, see and filter out-of-stock products, identify quality content on the page of product, organize the list according to the qualifications received …

Something basic when making decisions on Amazon is to know the history of the product. We need to know what your performance and past performance have been before making any strategic decisions. Smart Scout offers us that possibility, as is logical in a first level tool.

Flow visualization

This is one of the features we like the most about Smart Scout . In an absolutely visual way, it allows us to know how traffic flows within Amazon. To do this, he relies on products bought together frequently. Appearing in this module, according to their studies, means increasing sales by 35% because it allows us to know how the Amazon recommendation algorithm works.

We also have a unique traffic graph that uses reverse engineering to trace the origin of the traffic our competitors receive. It is a unique way of understanding the market.

Using these graphics what we achieve is to be able to plan our advertising campaigns more efficiently and obtain locations that we know work reliably.

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Seeing the quantity and quality of features and the contribution it makes to the strategy, it is very likely that you are thinking about a price range much higher than what Smart Scout actually has .

It has three different plans that vary in the inclusion of some functionalities and, above all, in the number of users who can use the tool with the same license.

  • Startup: You get permission for up to 2 users for $ 97 per month.
  • PRO : use Smart Scout up to a maximum of 5 users. Also get the ability to export seller data to a spreadsheet and apply seller growth filters . The amount, in this plan, increases to $ 197 per month.
  • Company: same functionalities as the PRO plan, but doubling the number of users to reach 10. This makes it especially recommended for large organizations.

All these prices are for the monthly payment. If we opt for annual billing we will benefit from a 20% discount. In this way the payments will remain at an affordable 74, 157 and 247 dollars per month respectively.

All plans have a 7-day free trial so that we can test it thoroughly before hiring.

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It is very appreciated to see that tools continue to emerge for Amazon or for eCommerce that are not clones of other existing ones. In this case, it is easy to appreciate the effort to offer new solutions tailored to the demands of users that, probably, were not solved by other of its competitors.

Those good handful of unique features take product research to another level. We once again emphasize the flow charts that are a spectacular idea and a very noteworthy value contribution from a strategic point of view.

If you work Amazon at any level (as a seller or as an agency) you have to try this tool to judge for yourself.

The Best Amazon Product Research Software Tool - Smart Scout Pro Tutorial

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