SmartRepricer is an Amazon Seller repricer by Threecolts the company behind SellerRunning, Tactical Arbitrage, Bindwise, ChannelReply, FeedbackWhiz, RefundSniper, ScoutIQ, SellerBench and other tools.

With SmartRepricer you can automate and optimize your pricing strategy on Amazon using your own custom strategies or the tools' own strategies so you can, in a few clicks, adjust your prices in real-time, ensuring that you stay competitive and win Buy Box quota.

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SmartRepricer comes with a bunch of features. As usual, let's check'em out:

Listings tool

Find all your listings and establish min and max pricings, calculate the costs vs net for every ASIN and bulk apply changes such as the repricing rules.

smartrepricer listings tool


This is where you can define your own repricing strategies or use the pre-built ones. My advise? Start with SmartRepricer's pricing templates and, then, move on to your own ones once you know how the repricing process works.

There are 4 main strategies both for FBM and FBA:

  • Sales booster strategy: increase your sales while protecting the buybox
  • Profit booster: increase your profits while targeting the BuyBox
  • Balanced enhancer: balance your sales and profits by maximizing both
  • Aggresive lowest: gain a competitive advantage by aggressively targeting the lowest price

From there, you just choose the preset pricing method: your own, calculted for the highest ROI or fixed profit.

smartrepricer repricing strategies


This is where this tool gets really interesting as there is no repricing tool with a workflow option.

Workflows allow you to create automated rules that tell SmartRepricer how to manage your listings. There are 2 triggers: time of the day and new product.

So, basically, you can perform automatic actions based on day/hour part and on a new listing. So I'm uploading new listings but I just want the repricer to be applied to 1 marketplace. No problem!

Workflows work for Marketplace, Strategy, at a SKU level and by title. Those filters are non-excludable, so you can apply 1, 2, 3 or 4 different filters to personalize your triggers.

smartrepricer workflows

Repricing History

All your repricing movements in a single page so you can know exactly when a repricing strategy took action


This is hnoestly the most complete report feature I've seen in a repricer so far. Check out all the reports available (you can also create your own):

Product Report

  • Products in list
  • Buybox win status
  • Strategies
  • Minimum-maximum prices
  • Product costs
  • Amazon fees
  • ROI

Minimum Price Products

View all repriced products that reached minimum set price.

Maximum Priced Products

View all repriced products that reached maximum set price.

Top-selling Products week over week

You can see your best selling products in the last week and compare them with the previous week.

  • Product Name
  • ASIN
  • SKU
  • Number of sales
  • Total Order
  • Comparison with the previous week

Sales Report by Strategy

You can see how your products are performing based on your strategy.

  • Strategy Name
  • Store Name
  • Number of products
  • Total Sales
  • Total Turnover
  • FBA Products
  • FBM Products

Product Profitability Analysis

Find how much profit and revenue you made on your sales for each product here.

  • Title
  • Number of Sales
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Profit
  • Total Cost

BuyBox Stats

You can see the BuyBox stats from this report. This report includes both your BuyBox data and your competitors’ for a specific product.

  • Title
  • My lowest at BuyBox
  • My highest at BuyBox
  • My average at BuyBox
  • Prices of my BuyBox winning competitors

Non BuyBox Eligible ASINs

Non Buybox eligible products in last 3 days

  • Highest and lowest prices for these products
  • Lowest duration
  • Highest and lowest prices in the Buybox


An easy order management tool with a breakdown of all the orders coming from the Buy Box repricing strategies

Integrations + Marketplaces

A breakdown of your Seller-API driven integrations.

Shipping template

Another great feature, this comes with 2 approaches:

  • Per item: deducts the shipping fee from your current product price and sends the product price to Amazon
  • Per brand: determines the appropriate Min Max-ShippingPrice rules for each of your products separately, and recalculates your product price and sends it to Amazon

Merchant list

A great way to bulk import Seller IDs to the tool, so you can create lists of sellers you want to compete with or don't want to compete with. Great to avoid competing against Amazon Vendor / Retail or your own distributors.

smartrepricer seller list


SmartRepricer offers some integrations:

  • Seller Central integration
  • SellerRunning integration, a dropshipping tool by Threecolts

Works for:

  • Amazon US
  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon Mexico
  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon Germany
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Italy
  • Amazon Spain
  • Amazon UAE
  • Amazon Australia
  • Amazon Japan
  • Amazon Singapore
  • Amazon Saudi Arabia
  • Amazon Egypt
  • Amazon Poland
  • Amazon Sweden
  • Amazon Netherlands
  • Amazon Turkey
  • Amazon Belgium

smartrepricer countries

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SmartRepricer offers 6 pricing plans 2 weeks of free trial:

  • Lite: $49/month for 5,000 listings.
  • Standard: $59/month for 10,000 listings.
  • Business: $79/month for 25,000 listings.
  • Professional: $99/month for 50,000 listings.
  • Enterprise: $179/month for 100,000 listings.
  • High Level 1: $299/month for 150,000 listings.

Every plan includes:

  • Instant Repricing
  • Strategy Templates
  • Bulk Listing Uploads
  • Shipping Template
  • Workflow Creation
  • FBA Advanced Conditions
  • FBM Advanced Conditions
  • Pre-configured Rules
  • Custom Rules
  • Price & Profit Calculator
  • Sales Dashboard
  • SellerRunning Integration
  • All Amazon Marketplaces
  • Technical Support via E-mail

Review or Pros/cons

SmartRepricer has everything you need from a repricer plus some upgrades: workflows, merchant lists, shipping templates SellerRunning integrations and the fact that it works for EVERY Amazon Marketplace.

The interface, at it's usual on Threecolts' tools is super user-friendly and the customizable pricing strategies (pre-built or from scratch) are also super easy to implement. You don't need to be an expert to manage this repricer, you won't need any extra help from SmartRepricer's team or to upload boring CSV files. No. It works like a charm out-of-the-box. To me, this is one of the most important reasons to choose one repricer or the other. I've been stuck for 5 days uploading a CSV to make my clients' repricer work (for example, using Bqool) and that doesn't make any sense.

So, to keep the long story short:

  • Smartrepricer is effortless, instant and automated
  • You can define your own workflows
  • Upload a list of Seller IDs to compete against or never compete
  • Upload a list of shipping rates
  • Customize your pricing strategy from scratch or use pre-built strategies
  • Integration with SellerRunning for data syncing, real-time pricing updates and inventory management
  • Absolutely insane reports feature with lots of pre-built templates

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly
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