Snagshout is a rebate and cashback site where customers can find cheap or 100% discounted products.
Brands and sellers can offer them to an audience to improve their sales rank and reviews on Amazon.

Snagshout features

Some of the features Snagshout offers as a service include the functions of:

Sending emails

Through Snagshout’s platform as it will make it easy to contact customers and send them useful reminders.

Campaign design and execution

The tool will help you with most of the things you need when choosing products and filling in all their details. It’s pretty easy to set up.

Review tool

Review Boost tool is perfect for finding people who want to review your products in exchange for discounts.

SEO tool

Snagshout offers an effective and targeted keyword research service specifically for your products.

Snagshout for Customers

When you register as a customer to a Snagshout account you can get free gifts and special offers from Amazon, so you can save by not spending so much money on most of the categories of the online store such as: Jewelry, clothing, books, electronics, etc.

As a customer you can choose the item you want to have a discount, you must pay in full but the excess amount, i.e. what does not fall within the discount will be refunded to your Paypal account.

Needles to say 9 out of 10 sellers on Snagshout are Chinese, so you know what to expect on most of the products.

Snagshout deal example

Alternatives to this tool

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Snagshout for sellers

If the previous case is not yours because you are an online seller on Amazon, the Snagshout tool has multiple techniques and tricks that you can use. These will help you to increase the sales of the products you offer on the website, as well as discounts, which will make you get great growth and incredible reviews.

Some of the stuff you can ask to the buyers is:

  • Fill a survey on the product
  • Upload social proof to the social networks “Hey, I bought this and it’s great”
  • Leave a review on Amazon, Google, Walmart…

Snagshout reviews

Let me be honest, and this is not a problem with Snagshout, but a problem with the rebate sites: Amazon is chasing their tail. Of course you can get lots of sales, reviews and social proofs and improve your organic rankings and sales on Amazon but you are exposed to an account suspension. So, wether you use Snagshout or any other service, keep that in mind.

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