SoStocked is a tool designed for stock control and management on Amazon. But it is not “just another tool”, it is one that works very well and that, in part, owes its success to its own philosophy.

There is something that all Amazon software that really adds value have in common: they are designed to solve a problem or meet a real need of sellers.

Ok, so that's precisely SoStocked's philosophy. They have analyzed their own experience selling on Amazon and contrasted it with what happens to other sellers. The result is 10 points of friction that needed to be modified.

  1. Over-ordering
  2. Under-ordering
  3. Ordering late
  4. Transferring late
  5. Tracking orders and payment
  6. Juggling spreadsheets
  7. Managing bundles
  8. Following up on PoS
  9. Multiple marketplaces
  10. Avoiding costly warehouse recounts

Just by reading this list you have started to sweat, because you know that all these problems are the same ones that are keeping you awake at night, right?

Don't worry, SoStocked can be a before and after in the way you manage your stocks.

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We could say, in general, that this tool seeks maximum efficiency with the least complication for the user. As a premise it is very good, but let's be more specific.

Personalization at the highest level

This is probably one of the most difficult things to find among its competitors. SoStocked is not a tool that you have to adapt to: it adapts to your business.

The company itself accompanies you in the customization process if you want, although they also have a very simple onboarding process, if you prefer to do it on your own.

They take care of migrating your data for free

Really the best way to put an end to those doubts about changing your inventory management platform, the fear of losing data, inconsistencies and other problems… is to have your new tool take care of it, right?

If, in addition to providing you with other additional advantages, the migration is free, you won't have to think about it too much.

Efficient interface

Obviously the important thing is that SoStocked is able to automate orders so that you never have excess inventory generating costs, or that you run out of products and lose sales opportunities. This is the basis, but you always have to go a little further.

A tool can be tremendously powerful, but if we do not understand it or it is very confusing when it comes to presenting the data, we will be lost. That's why SoStocked has worked on a simple way to interact with the information. It is so intuitive that you will learn to use it in minutes.

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Customization is also noticeable in this aspect. It will always depend on the amount of orders you handle each month, but you can use their dynamic calculator to know what you are going to pay.

The advantage of this system is the scalability; you do not commit to a very high fee from the beginning, but you will adapt the investment to the growth of your business.

We can tell you that the starting value, for the range of up to 1,000 orders, is $79 per month and, honestly, it is worth it.

By the way: you can try SoSocked absolutely free for 30 days.

What's included in every plan

  • 20 Users
  • US-Based Support
  • 1-On-1 Onboarding
  • Free Data Migration
  • Reorder Alerts
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Inventory Dashboards
  • 50% Off Additional Seller Accounts

Pricing tiers based on monthly orders

Orders a month


Up to 1,000


Up to 2,000


Up to 3,000


Up to 5,000


Up to 8,000


Up to 13,000


Up to 21,000


Up to 34,000


Up to 55,000


Up to 89,000


Up to 144,000


Up to 233,000


SoStocked Review

SoStocked is ideal for all those who want a tool adapted to the reality of their business, that avoids the big problems that an Amazon seller faces every day and who do not want to complicate too much or waste many hours in a training to be able to use it.

Say goodbye to that pesky spreadsheet that everyone keeps touching, updating and modifying. Before you continue wasting time and money, I would encourage you to give SoStocked a try, its more than 1,000 customers are really satisfied with this tool.

And, of course, if you're a big seller or brand selling on Amazon doing, let's say +200,000 orders a month, SoStocked is also for you.

Are you an agency? No worries, as you can have a tailored agency plan to manage a bunch of sellers from the same account.

SoStocked - Customizable Inventory Management & Forecasting Software for Amazon Sellers

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