The rise of e-commerce has accentuated the importance of applying sales tax efficiently, and among all the tools that make this process easier and more efficient, TaxCloud is the most affordable cloud-based sales tax compliance service for online retailers on the Internet.

Why? Because TaxCloud works closely with 25 streamlined member states, so it offers substantial fee waivers.

What are the advantages of this tool? Read on.

Taxcloud features


TaxCloud features:

  • API
  • CRM
  • shopping cart
  • customer accounts
  • e-commerce management
  • revenue management
  • inventory management
  • order management
  • multi-channel marketing
  • email marketing
  • and multiple stores or marketplaces, including Amazon

Calculate taxes

TaxCloud determines the sales tax rate, which is applicable depending on the taxation of the product and service.

Collect sales tax

At the time of the transaction, sales tax is collected at the site of the transaction when your customers make the payment.

File taxes

With TaxCloud you can file returns and remit collected sales tax revenue to the appropriate state and local jurisdictions.

Assists with audit

TaxCloud helps you with state-issued notices or audit inquiries.


TaxCloud is an official certified service provider, so sales tax rates and rules are periodically audited, tested, and validated for accuracy.


Whether you need to send remittances to states on your own or outsource filing and remittance, you will always need instant sales tax calculation per sale and report. TaxCloud offers services for all situations across the U.S., so you can choose the right service for your business.


With TaxCloud, you'll spend less on automated sales tax compliance without getting less.

Excellent customer service

Whether by phone, video call, email, or live chat, you can contact TaxCloud whenever you need to.


TaxCloud provides indemnification service and audit response. This gives you peace of mind when it comes to responding to state sales tax officials.

Reliable + integrations

TaxCloud's APIs are time-tested and designed with Speed of Trade in mind (100 MS!). Plus, it has permanent integrations with all major e-commerce platforms, including BigCommerce, Pinnacle Cart, Odoo, Shopify, WooCommerce, QuickBooks Online, and many others.

taxcloud dashboard

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Pricing Plans

TaxCloud has two pricing options available: 1) the FREE service option that is funded by state partners and 2) the fee-based service. As a company, TaxCloud is on a mission to make sales tax easy.

TaxCloud has priced to fit your needs, with no commitments, termination fees or usage limits Pay for what you use!

Core Service: $10 / month

Covers the cost of accessing and maintaining historical data and reports.

API pricing

If you pay upfront you can save up to 25%

  • $20 per thousand between 1 and 1k requests
  • $10 per thousand between 1000 and 15000 requests
  • $7.5 per thousand for 15k to 200k requests
  • $5 per thousand for more than 200k calls

Percentage of sales/Only where you collect tax: Maximum charge per state is $250 for merchants with less than $100 million in sales.

The services may contain some extra charges, such as:

  • Returned Fee for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) of Tax Remittance or any other reason.
  • Returned Fee for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) of Service Fees or any other reason.
  • Convenience Fee for remitting sales tax proceeds via credit card instead of bank account.
  • Late Data Upload or Amended Filing Fees.
  • Configuration Window Extension Fee.
  • Member States are subject to API usage charges
  • See TaxCloud Terms of Service, Exhibit A for Additional Details

taxcloud remittance due screenshot


Compared to other sales tax compliance services for online retailers, TaxCloud is easy to integrate and an amazing product. For retail businesses, sales tax is now easy!


Once you purchase this tool, all sales tax functionality is simplified and will be much more cost-effective for you and your business. The TaxCloud service has been completely redesigned and improved by far, it is a truly powerful cloud-based system that will provide your company with an excellent service that will free up valuable time and resources.

As the new reports and client interface are superior to any other product on the market, you are sure to be delighted that you don't have to purchase an expensive enterprise software solution as TaxCloud works seamlessly across multiple platforms and is designed to fit your business needs.


We can say that there are NO real downsides. Although at first, customer service may cause you some trepidation, once you get over the immediate anxiety of signing up for a new service, you can quickly realize that this is an efficient, customer-friendly self-service platform and, after integrating the service, most customer service issues are unwarranted.

You may pay more for a competing service with more immediate customer service, however, there is no advantage in doing so, because you will find that by getting this tool you will have little need to request customer service. Once TaxCloud is running smoothly, you don't need additional monitoring, its scalability, reporting, and functionality are the best value out there – it is a tremendous value product!

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