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Thompson & Holt are a Manchester (United Kingdom) firm focused on Amazon appeal. Since 2014, they’ve helped 5.000 Amazon sellers getting their suspended accounts back.

How can they do that? Well, first of all they’re Amazon experts and, second, they have over 20 years experience in their office of helping suspended Amazon Sellers, so they have a serious know how on the performance scores and the process to get a suspended account back to business in the shortest time possible.

They are not limited to Amazon UK, but provide their services in every Amazon marketplace: USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, China and India.

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Craig Gedey, Managing Partner

Why should you choose them?

There are many similar services on the Internet, however, Thompson & Holt has:

  • They have 20+ years experience helping over 5,000 Sellers
  • Personalized Amazon appeal letters and plans of action for every customer, not generic letters or templates
  • They will give you support and follow up via email until your account is reinstated or there is nothing else to do
  • Full support on the process via live chat or email
  • They use an independent review system Called Feefo for their ex customers, so you can read by yourself what they think of the service. About 200 reviews with 4.9/5 score
  • A unique fee and no extra fees and ugly surprises
  • They only offer their services if they have previous experience on similar cases
  • Job is delivered in 6 to 24 hours
  • They deal with every Amazon marketplace

Thompson & Holt Services

Amazon Appeal

Thompson & Holt’s expertise is reinstating suspended accounts. They review your account details in about 1 hour and let you know if they can help you or not.

If you choose to work with them, they can build up an Amazon appeal letter and POA in about 24 hours.

Thompson and Holt Customer Reviews - The Amazon Appeal Experts. Amazon Suspension Experts

You’ll need to follow their POA (Plan Of Action) and just wait for Amazon to get back to you with the result.

I’m sure you will success because, as ex-Amazoners, this guys know exactly what the Amazon Performance Team wants to read on an appeal letter.

Monitor & Protect 

Thompson & Holt’s monitor & protect service + software covers you Amazon Seller account in the event of a suspension. This is a very innovative service and, if you ask me, a really good idea.

Amazon Seller Account Monitor & Protect with Insurance

The Monitor & Protect plan includes, for as low as £200

Monitor services

The software monitor’s your ASINs 24/7 providing Instant alerts about issues that would cause a suspension or harm your sales and it’s available for every Amazon marketplace

Those alerts include product reviews, image & price change alerts and hijacker notifications. The notifications can be sent in real time to 5 different users.

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The pricing for Amazon appealing is fix: US$600.

The price for the Monitor & Protect service is £200

Contact them

If you have any additional questions, you can contact them at :

  • Telephone: 0161 8852 365
  • Telephone Outside UK : +44 161 8852 365
  • WhatsApp/WeChat: +447818020777
  • Email:

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