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If you are a seller and you still don't know what Wish Wholesale is and how it can help you in your business, don't worry, here we will explain everything it consists of so you can get the most out of it and use it like a pro to grow your business.

But, first, you need to know that Wish Wholesale was sadly discontinued on October 2021. AS they stated on their website:

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Unfortunately, our Wholesale project is coming to an end and will be absorbed into the Wish app. While this was a difficult decision to make, this is the right step to take in the best interest of you, our customers. Our mission is to provide the best customer experience for all small business owners and entrepreneurs, and that remains unchanged.

What is Wish Wholesale?

To put it simply, Wish Wholesale is nothing more and nothing less than an online store that mainly offers products with discounts of between 50 and 80%. At Wish Wholesale you will have the facility to get trendy products, all the accessories you can imagine, and the electronic gadgets you need at super discounted prices.聽

You may be wondering how does Wish Wholesale makes this possible? Well, it is through an agreement that exists between Wish Wholesale and beauty that allows your purchases to be cheaper because of the coupons and cashback (refunds in euros). That's why Wish Wholesale becomes a one-stop-shop designed to give local businesses a helping hand and help them succeed by simplifying the long and sometimes tedious sourcing process. All this is backed by the high demand for the Wish app, who is true to its values are always committed to offering its merchants the highest quality products at the lowest prices in the world.

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Wish features

As we already talked about Wish Wholesale is a wholesale platform that has been created by Wish, which is a company that many should already know that has a similar style to AliExpress. And that also has a very popular app so you can buy retail for your business.

Well, as its name suggests Wish Wholesale is designed for wholesale purchasing by professionals. So some features of Wish Wholesale are:

You will be able to stock up in one step

Wish Wholesale exclusively lists best-selling items with a 4+ star rating, making owners confident that they will get the best deals directly from the manufacturer.

The platform features products in 55+ product categories, and the demand for each item has been data-tested across a loyal base of more than 500 million app consumers.

Sourcing becomes a one-step process because only those products that meet your strict quality and performance standards are featured. You also don't have to spend additional time coordinating shipping logistics, conducting product research, or drafting manufacturer contracts.

You'll be able to learn about new products every week to keep your inventory up to date, taking into account things like product popularity, seasonality, reliable merchants, competitive pricing, and more.

Buyer Protection

They have a very important and effective Buyer Protection feature. They offer full refunds for any items that are missing or damaged upon arrival. In addition to Wish Wholesale, they offer security and support to their buyers through secure payments, reliable suppliers, low minimum orders, and a dedicated support team.

With the help of Wish Wholesale, you can get everything you need from their inventory in one place from a supplier you know you can trust.

They usually select items that you have more than a 4 out of a 5, so by that it is understood that they must be winning products. If you've ever had the opportunity to shop at Wish and found the experience enjoyable, you should know that you can now try doing it in bulk.

Free sourcing services for small businesses

Unlike other e-commerce platforms that keep product performance data to themselves. Wish Wholesale leverages the data they get in the Wish app to help merchants select collections and expand their business. They have an experienced sourcing team that can help you find any product at the best price.

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According to Yelp's economic impact report, the interest people have shown in shopping has almost fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels. Categories experiencing the greatest economic recovery with shoppers include sporting goods, shoes, apparel, and jewelry.

Whether you have an online business or a physical business, now is the time to stock up on popular products that are projected to sell.

It is not for nothing that many come to this platform, as they not only value its services but also benefit from its prices. As the Wish Wholesale website offers tiered pricing options with up to a 20% discount on wholesale orders of 50 units or more or order values over $300.

If you want to join the VIP subscription you can join at $19.99 and get all the benefits that come with being an exclusive subscriber. Such as unlimited free shipping on all domestic orders, 10% rebate every month, personalized sourcing service, etc.

Wish Wholesale reviews

If you are new or not yet good with suppliers Wish Wholesale can be your best ally, because as we mentioned they not only have great wholesale prices but they help you know what's hot in all categories and help you with the rest of the shipping related arrangements. Their more than 500 million consumers confirm it, it is your trusted place when you want to stock up your itinerary.

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