Zonbase is an all-in-one platform for Amazon sellers who want to find award-winning products online. Zonbase provides you with the following tools: keyword finder, hidden niche, revenue estimator, brand ranking tracker, keyword analysis, reverse ASIN, list optimization, etc. 14 tools in 1.

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Zonbase features

Lots of stuff to make your product research tasks easier

Zon Research

Search by product, keyword or pinned products. Start by selecting one or more categories and the Amazon marketplace and then apply filters such as revenue, sales, number of reviews, review rating…

You can save your filters for later.

Chrome extension

In a few clicks you can find the product information directly browsing Amazon. Find the last 12 month sales history and the top keywords each product is ranking for.

Hot products

Don't have time or resources to find products on your own? Zonbase got you covered. Hot products is an hourly-updated list of trending products on Amazon.

Product validator

Check competition, market saturation, demand and other interesting data to find is the product you found is ready to sell on Amazon

Sales estimator

Get the estimated product sales per month starting from an ASIN number.

Keywords tool

A tool to find new keywords for your SEO and PPC Campaigns. Find volume estimates on the marketplace + competition per keyword

zonbase product research

Reverser ASIN tool

Starting from a competitor's ASIN, find the keywords they're ranking for in organic rankings (Reverse ASIN tool) plus the ones been used on PPC campaigns

Launch service

A step by step tool to help you launch a product:

  1. Listing optimizator
  2. Set your PPC campaigns from the tool
  3. Choose the best keywords
  4. Set product giveaways

PPC campaigns manager

Manage your advertising campaigns from Zonbase. The tool artifficial intelligence and algorithms will help you launch campaigns and optimize them in autopilot.


View current and historical data on your ranking keywords, for your ASINs or your competitors' ASINs.


An easy tool to optimize yourlisting based on certain keywords:

  • Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Description
  • Search terms / Bacend keywords

Photo optimizer

An interesting service to modify and improve your product listing photos. The service includes:

  • Critical Audit of Existing Photos
  • Change colors for product variations
  • Lifestyle Images Added to Photos
  • Background Trimming
  • No Need For Professional Photos
  • Photo Enhancer
  • Listing Optimizer

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There are 2 pricing tiers

Standard Plan – $37 / month


  • Zonbase Chrome Extension: not included
  • ZonResearch 10 uses
  • Hot Products 10 uses
  • Sales Estimator 40 uses
  • Keywords 10 uses
  • Reverse ASIN 10 uses
  • ZonTracker 40 uses
  • Listify 10 uses
  • ZonBase Learning
  • Free Amazon Training

Legendary Plan – $67 / month


  • Zonbase Chrome Extension: included
  • ZonResearch 250 uses
  • Hot Products 250 uses
  • Sales Estimator 1.000 uses
  • Keywords 250 uses
  • Reverse ASIN 250 uses
  • ZonTracker 1.000 uses
  • Listify 250 uses
  • ZonBase Learning
  • Free Amazon Training

Zonbase reviews

Zonbase's advantages include: Autopilot, excellent product verification team, photo enhancer available, 7-day free trial, successful niche market in seconds. It also includes a sales estimation tool which is an excellent way to verify sales of any ASIN. ZonBase makes keyword research easy Free Amazon Training.

Honestly, if you are used to Jungle Scout‘s interface, it will be pretty easy for you, as Zonbase's interface is pretty much the same design.

The only con that we see and that users see is that it only has 2 price plans. They say that it would be better if it had more payment options and costs.

Oh, and there's another BIG CON: just works for USA, UK and Canada.

Our score

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