Zonguru is an all-in-one toolset for Amazon sellers featuring 14 tools focused on helping you grow your sales.

From product research to analytics and inventory management, this is a swiss-army knife for any Amazon 3PL. Zonguru has helped Amazon sellers generate +$580M in revenue!

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More than 10 tools to help you sell more on any Amazon marketplace.

Niche rater

A Chrome Extension to help you determine wether a product is great for selling or not.

Find data for any product directly browsing the Amazon website catalogue:

  • Brand
  • Price
  • Competition
  • Fulfillment
  • Reviews
  • Best Seller Rank
  • Estimated Sales
  • Estimated Revenue…

Plus filter any data field to find what you're looking for.

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Keyword research

Named “Keyword on fire”, this is Zonguru's keyword research tool. Find any data available for every keyword on Amazon such as:

  • Zonguru's Score (their own score to leverage they keyword success)
  • Search Volume
  • Top 25 competitors for the keyword
  • Total products selling for the keyword
  •  Average pricing
  • Total revenue
  • Cost Per Click on Amazon Ads
  • Average rating and reviews
  • Etc

Listing optimization

But not just this, you have an extension for this tool focused on listing optimization.
So, when you have selected the keywords you want to include on your listings, you can define your title, bullet points and description using the listing optimization tool and check in real-time if you are using the right keywords to SEO optimize them.

It's also powered by AI, so you can now generate your listings using Artificial Intelligence, simply tell the AI exactly how you want it to build your product listing and Zonguru's AI it will take care of the rest.

Business Dashboard

A complete profit dashboard to analyse your business success in real time by totals and product by product. But not just the profit metrics, also the review ratings for the whole account or by product.

What I loved about this tool is the “Business Valuation” widget, which you can't find in other tools. This widget will show you how much is your business worth, in case you want to sell it to a third party. Not bad!

The Love / Hate Tool

Another tool you won't find anywhere.

With a naming that could also be a heavy metal song, this tool is an absolutely must for market research if you are planning to build new products.

Simply add an ASIN and the tool will reveal what the users love or hate about that product. The tool generates a word cloud of positive and negative words associated to the product, so you can figure out what's standing out in no time.

zonguru LoveHate tool

Email automator

An email automation tool to keep the feedback up to date with your clients.

You can design your own automatic emails for order confirmations, order fulfilled – sent and feedback request.

Review automator

Similar to the previous tool, this will help you send the “request a review” requests without having to click on every Amazon order and double-click on the “request a review” button.

Simply automate boring processes and scale your reviews!

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Your products

An easy you to manage stuff like COGS, manufacturer delivery time and shipping time to receive real time alerts when it's time to re-stock your products.

Your orders

Similar to “your products”, this tool will let you find every order quick & easy  searching by customer name, time filter, ASIN or marketplace.

Product monitor

A real time monitor that will send you alerts when:

  • a product gets a new review
  • a new seller is added to your ASIN
  • there are any changes on competitor's ASINs

IP Monitor

Allows you to track any product on Amazon for potential theft of intellectual property relating to product photos. Basically, it will send a real time alert whenever:

  • someone is trying to use your product photos
  • someone is using them once resized or altered

zonguru IP Monitor

You will receive an email with a direct link to report the seller stealing your images or trying to piggybank your ASINs.

Works in 13 marketplaces:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • India
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Australia

Keyword rank tracking

A keyword ranking tracker per keyword showing:

  • exact daily ranking
  • ranking trend
  • ranking change
  • up to position 200

Keywords spotlight

Backend keyword data for every product on Amazon. Keywords spotlight will let you spy on your competitors backend keywords so you can mine new keys for your ASINs such as:

  • colloquial terms
  • similar products
  • synonyms
  • common misspellings
  • etc


There are 3 different pricing plans

Starter plan / Product Researcher: starting at $49 / month


Product Research

  • Chrome Extension: yes
  • Sales Spy: 75
  • Love / Hate: 10

Listing Optimization

  • Keywords on Fire: 5
  • Keywords Spotlight: 5
  • Listing Optimizer: yes

Business Metrics & Monitoring

  • Business Dashboard: no
  • Your Products: no
  • Your Orders: no
  • Keyword Tracker: no
  • Product Monitor: no
  • IP Monitor: no

Customer Engagement

  • Email Automator: no
  • Review Automator: yes


  • Connected Regions: 1
  • Additional Alert Email Addresses: no
  • Assistant Accounts: no


  • Support Priority: normal priority

Business plan / Entry-Level seller: starting at $99 / month


Product Research

  • Chrome Extension: yes
  • Sales Spy: 150
  • Love / Hate: 20

Listing Optimization

  • Keywords on Fire: 30
  • Keywords Spotlight: 30
  • Listing Optimizer: yes

Business Metrics & Monitoring

  • Business Dashboard: yes
  • Your Products: yes
  • Your Orders: yes
  • Keyword Tracker: 200
  • Product Monitor: 25
  • IP Monitor: 25

Customer Engagement

  • Email Automator: 6,000 emails/mo
  • Review Automator: yes


  • Connected Regions: 1
  • Additional Alert Email Addresses: no
  • Assistant Accounts: no


  • Support Priority: high priority

Plus plan / Advanced seller: starting at $199 / month


Product Research

  • Chrome Extension: yes
  • Sales Spy: 300
  • Love / Hate: 40

Listing Optimization

  • Keywords on Fire: 100
  • Keywords Spotlight: 100
  • Listing Optimizer: yes

Business Metrics & Monitoring

  • Business Dashboard: yes
  • Your Products: yes
  • Your Orders: yes
  • Keyword Tracker: 500
  • Product Monitor: 100
  • IP Monitor: 100

Customer Engagement

  • Email Automator: 20,000 emails/mo
  • Review Automator: yes


  • Connected Regions: 2
  • Additional Alert Email Addresses: 5
  • Assistant Accounts: 5


  • Support Priority: premium priority

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ZonGuru Rеvіеw

Zonguru is a great alternative if you are looking for an all in one tool if you don't have a big budget. Starting at $49 a month, you can have a great quality set of tools with some features you won't find in any other software such as the Love / Hate tool (I've absolutely loved it) the IP monitor or the business valuator widget.

I think ZonGuru has nothing to envy to other softwares in it's category. The only thing I miss is an Enterprise plan without any limits on the competitor spy and the keyword tools.

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