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Boost your sales conversion ratio using CrazyEgg

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If you have an eCommerce or any page that involves sales or conversion, you have to be using (or should) CrazyEgg, a perfect tool to determine, using heat maps, where your users are pointing their cursors and what do they click.

What I usually do to determine the distribution of a new product page is, first, take a deep look at what Analytics data about product pages tells me, that’d be, what’s the one with more visits. We are interested in “chasing” details of the maximum number of users, so our sampling can be extrapolated to other users.

Once we have determined the product, we add CrazyEgg to the code and open a new project at just for the product page we’re studying. Depending on the traffic on your site, you should extend more or less the sampling time. According to your users, soil must be between 15 days and one month.

As you have a nice heat map, with an interesting bunch of clicks, you can begin to draw conclusions. Take a look at the following map, containing customer’s click data collected during 15 days. The conclusions to be drawn, then (click image to enlarge, only in Spanish):

And the analysis. Draw your own conclusions (click image to enlarge, only in Spanish)

What do you think? Is it worth it to make changes to the data sheet? : P


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