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Aplazame is an e-commerce tool that facilitates instant financing for online purchases.

In short, it is an instant online credit service that can be accessed by anyone for the purchase of goods and services.

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Its operation is quite simple: the seller receives payment directly from Aplazame and the buyer or consumer enters into a relationship of dependence with the platform because he will have to pay the price of the product in installments, in addition to interest.

It is therefore an excellent option for those who need to purchase a product but do not have the full money to do so.

Aplazame makes a loan of up to 2,500 euros for purchases, without any paperwork or documentation, only have to provide certain personal data.

The credit will be made available when the client decides and will be extended by the number of months in which he wants to cancel his debt (although usually 12 installments), and ready.

But what if the product you are looking for exceeds 2,500 euros? The client can access the credit but must present a copy of his identification document, if not presented the credit will not be accessible.


In addition to the ease of being able to pay your debts in comfortable installments, Aplazame provides its users with useful services that are within everyone’s reach:


“Buy now, pay later”, the great motto of this company. Aplazame provides financing services for your purchases with a loan of up to 2,500 euros.

Guarantee of payment and security

Aplazame guarantees to all its users the exact payment of the financed operations. In addition, the company assumes the risk of fraud and non-cancelled products.

Customizable widget

This tool that is inserted in the website of the business or online store, is used for the seller to tell the customer that he has the option to buy products that are offered in a financed way by paying in accessible installments.

Financing campaigns

With this service you can create your own financing campaigns, with the objective of boosting your sales in promotional periods.

Control panel

If you are a seller you will have control of everything from making all operations, consult sales, access invoices and review the statement of payments. You also have the option of managing cancellations and partial subscriptions in a matter of seconds.


For online stores the installation of Aplazame is free and there are no monthly payments. But this does not imply that the platform is completely free as a small commission must be paid for each transaction. Depending on the amount financed per month, the fees are:

  • 10,000€ or less: 1.5%.
  • More than 10,000€: 1.0%
  • More than 25,000€: 0.5%.
  • We are now going to prices for customers, that is to say, for those who buy a financed product. The financing is made at an interest rate of 24.5%.

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Who uses Aplazame

Aplazame is used by online stores and e-commerce companies that want to make it easier for their customers to buy using this innovative payment method.


Aplazame has become one of the most used financial services by the Spanish-speaking community. Many brands, companies and online stores use it as one of their main forms of payment.

This portal has achieved the satisfaction of its users thanks to the services and tools with which it has. Users express that their greatest advantage lies in the possibility of splitting purchases in a comfortable and safe way.

In addition their financial costs could be said to be the cheapest in online funding markets. The flexibility in the credits is incredible and effective, and no paperwork or documentation is required.

Another of its great advantages is its complete customer service, optimized so that when the customer has a doubt or any kind of inconvenience, you get an immediate response and a solution that works for you.

A minority of users of Aplazame did not feel comfortable with this payment tool and stated that when attempting to postpone payment for certain products has been denied the operation. Others comment that the interest generated by the loan is very high.

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