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Botletter is a service for sending newsletters through Facebook Messenger. It’s an innovative way of reaching out to your subscribers. Botletter has actually been described as the Facebook Messenger MailChimp.

It’s innovative in comparison with email. Email’s starting to look dated beside all the tools available on social media. People with businesses need to find ways to reach out to subscribers other than by email.

Botletter’s features

Among Facebook chatbots, Botletter is the fastest and easiest way to get started. Let’s have a closer look at some of the features of this chatbot.

Newsletters and campaigns

Botletter allows users to send both newsletters and drip campaign messages through Facebook. No coding knowledge is needed.

Customers are almost always engaged with their cellphones and FB Messenger. So immediate delivery of your newsletter is almost guaranteed.

Your newsletter will reach the customer quickly. Customers who spend more time on social media and less on email can be reached in no time at all.

Excellent if you are pursuing customers in the younger age group. This is the corner of the Internet where you’re likely to find them.

Easy to set up

It’s easy to get started with Botletter. You can sign up for free and then pay as you go once you break through the free ceiling into the paid service area.


Botletter has two pricing models.

The Pay as You Go: $0.006 per newsletter

There’s no monthly subscription. The first 1000 newsletters are free. You can have one drip campaign with unlimited messages.

Premium Plan: $49.00 per month

Here too the first 1000 newsletters are free. Each message is $0.005. You get a segmentation of messages and a drip campaign per segment.

Botletter’s Review

Overall I can say that my experience with Botletter has been great. This tool gets a huge thumbs-up, not only from me but from many other customers. This is for its ability to engage customers and subscribers in a winning and subtle manner.


I’ve found that this tool is great for engaging people’s interest. It also makes them loyal subscribers. It drives traffic to my websites and is active in lead conversion. One of its strengths is in building relationships with subscribers. So it feels natural and normal for subscribers to get messages from me through this channel. If a customer gets a newsletter, it’s like getting updates from a friend. They receive a message informing that a favourite item is available in my online shop. They take it as a tip from a friend rather than a hard sell tactic. It gives a strong message with a sugar coating.

It’s less likely to annoy people and more likely to delight them. Then it’s easier to drive sales. Botletter has succeeded in its mission in two countries, the United States and India.


As I said, it’s widely accepted in both the two countries mentioned above but for some reason, it hasn’t made much of a mark elsewhere. As already stated, it’s excellent for personal bloggers sending out occasional newsletters. But according to feedback, some businesses need a tool which is more versatile.

As a business grows, the need to reach out increases. Businesses prefer to send regular updates besides occasional newsletters. So Botletter might appeal to some businesses when they start out. As the need to reach out increases, I’ll have to consider an alternative tool for the business for which I’m using it.

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