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BrainSINS is a personalization platform and personalized recommendations to improve the shopping experience of customers.

It stands out for having a very effective personalization technology for e-commerce.

But that’s not the only advantage you can get if you buy this service, because in addition to that you can optimize internal resources. What does this mean, because basically the customization solution that has this website is designed so that companies can do, in a short period of time, many things, so you can devote the time of your team to other activities of interest.

In addition, your customers also benefit greatly from this service, since their shopping experience improves drastically, and this in turn, will enable you to differentiate yourself from your competition by offering added value difficult to replace.


As we said, BrainSINS is a customization tool that allows companies to increase their sales and improve the shopping experience of their customers, because without a doubt the services it provides are quite complete and effective, among them we can mention the following:

Personalized recommendations

One of the services provided by BrainSINS is that it allows retailers to choose the ideal strategy for product recommendations, as it offers personalized results according to the behavior of each of the customers who visit the web.

Email Retargeting

According to the behavior of each of your visitors, you can automatically send them emails to recover abandoned carts, send them personalized newsletters or many other things.

Behavioral Targeting

It is a system that allows you to completely modify the web in real time to better adapt to the needs and behaviors of your customers.

eCommerce Analytics

Among the services provided by BrainSINS is included an analytical results tool, which allows you to evaluate both the performance of the implemented customization strategy and the evolution of your business.

Gamification for eCommerce

With this tool your customers will have a much more fun experience when they make a purchase in your store. In addition, the company will be able to connect better with its buyers, something they certainly value very much.


To acquire the services of BrainSINS it is important to know that this website has several plans that adapt perfectly to the needs of each company, with different services and prices.

Among the plans offered are the following:

Basic: 500€/month

The basic plan, with a monthly cost of 500€, is aimed at those websites that have less than 100,000 browsing sessions per month, among the services provided are the following:

  • Creation of five customization rules: recommendation blocks, behavioral targeting rule, and the configuration of a retargeting email.
  • Recovery of abandoned carts.
  • Automatic cross-selling.
  • Define user segments through their behavior.
  • Online support via tickets.
  • 6 months of data retention.

By traffic: 99€/month

This plan has a cost of 99€ per 25,000 navigation sessions per month. It is intended for sites that reach and exceed 100,000 sessions per month.

Among the main services offered are the following:

  • Unlimited customization rules.
  • Advanced recovery of abandoned carts.
  • Personalized newsletters.
  • Behavioral Targeting.
  • Include recommendations in your emails.
  • Support online, by email or phone.
  • Unlimited data retention.


This plan does not have a fixed monthly cost but its budget consists of a 1%-5% commission on sales generated by BrainSINS. Among the services offered, the following stand out:

  • Unlimited customization rules.
  • Advanced recovery of abandoned carts.
  • Personalized newsletters.
  • Recommendations in your emails.
  • Support online, by email or phone.
  • Unlimited data retention.

Who uses BrainSINS

BrainSINS is a platform that can be used by any online store because it has extremely beneficial tools that help increase sales and offer a good shopping experience.

It should be noted that this website currently provides its services to more than 100 retailers located in different parts of the world, among which we can mention: PhoneHouse, MotherCare, TradeInn, E-Tasker, among others.


Knowing the opinions of users who use the service BrainSINS are important, because with them we can determine whether the tool is really efficient or not.

Investigating a little about the experience that users have had with this tool I can tell you that it is highly recommended, as all have thrown favorable comments.

For example, there is a lot of talk about the platform as such, since it is quite intuitive and easy to use. In addition, the services that include each of the plans help companies grow and generate higher sales.

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