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Cart2Cart Shopping Cart Migration Service is a tool for eCommerce businesses.

They use it to shift their online store from one platform to another. The company claims that its eCommerce store migration service can complete this operation within hours, quickly and safely. All store data, including customers, orders and products, will be safely transferred to the desired platform. The transfer will be secure. It will not compromise the security of any confidential store data or confidential information.

The company also claims that no technical help is required to facilitate this process. According to the company, this service is so safe that it will not even interfere with the store’s business. The store actually stays online during the transfer process, so no business is lost.

The transfer is accomplished in three easy steps. The company gives prospective clients the option to test the tool before making a final decision to use it.

Try out this tool, obligation-free, before going ahead with the actual migration.

Cart2Cart: Features

The following is a list of the features of the Cart2Cart Shopping Cart Migration Service.

Supports most eCommerce platforms

Cart2Cart supports a huge range of eCommerce platforms, which, in turn, support eCommerce businesses or online shops. No matter where you’re moving from to wherever you’re planning to move, this tool can help you.

Data migration service

The client can perform the transfer, which is fully automated. But if for some reason, they are too busy for that, Cart2Cart can carry it out. Clients may use this service to upgrade to a more powerful package than their current one using the same platform.

Recent Data Migration Services

If new data appears in the old store when the migration was in progress, that too can be migrated using this service.

Migration Insurance Service

The client can opt for a migration insurance plan. They can then restart their transfer up to three times.


Support is available 2by email and by toll-free phone number in the US and Canada.

Customized packages

The company can supply the client with a customized package. This depends on individual requirements.


Depending on client requirements, the price can vary. However, Cart2Cart is quite affordably priced.

The minimum cost for migration is USD$69.00. 

This is for the smallest eCommerce business with the most basic package. Obviously the cost will increase with the size of the client business and the type of migration package purchased. It’s already been mentioned that the company gives would-be clients the option to test the tool before making a decision to use it for the migration process.

Cart2Cart review

The eCommerce platforms have been constantly upgrading, especially in recent times, with all the recent innovations in technology. Switching from one platform to another has increased. I’ve used this tool several times. Here’s what I think.


Moving from one platform to another was once an awkward, troublesome process. Now, with a tool like Cart2Cart, the migrating or upgrading process has become painless and easy. I can vouch for that.

The fact that no technical knowledge is required to execute the process is a great asset. The fact that Cart2Cart will arrange the transfer of data if the client is not confident to do it is another excellent support. Migration from one platform to another is not an issue anymore. Cart2Cart as a company has learned from past mistakes and is now experienced and competent in this area.

It has recently been described as the world’s leading shopping migration service. I found, as have others, that the customer service here is excellent.


With the best will in the world, there are times when even the best services let you down for some reason. Although I’ve had no complaints about Cart2Cart there are some, very few I might add, complaints to be found online about migrations that didn’t work out and apparently this happened when the customer servant team were absent.

Cart2Cart has apologised and promised to set things right. After all, it may happen any time that a perfectly good company’s service fails for some reason. But the odd glitch notwithstanding, Cart2Cart is a great service.

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