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Increasingly popular tools such as Crazy Egg, which help to understand user behavior on the website, and based on it, set parameters for improvements or optimization.

That’s why I’m telling you a little about Crazy Egg, what it is, what it’s for and all the benefits it brings to websites and blogs.

What is Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a website optimization tool, which allows you to observe the user’s behavior on the website. This will be useful for gaining greater control and implementing new or improving existing business strategies.

Heat maps, displacement maps, click reports, among others, are some of the utilities that Crazy Egg has and that will increase sales, get more visits and even make subscriptions increase as well. All this by showing you how visitors interact on your website.

By the way, this company was founded in 2005 by Neil Patel, and since then has remained in the market as one of the best and most useful web optimization tools.


The services offered by Crazy Egg are many and varied. Basically it has functions that will allow you to fully analyze the behavior of those who enter the website.

You will be able to see the most visited sections of your website, know where users click, know where visits come from, whether by organic search, social networks, or other source. With this you will be able to know which is the social network or channel that works most to attract web traffic to your site.

I summarize the services of Crazy Egg in the following list that are the most outstanding and that undoubtedly are very useful for the administration and control of a website:

  • Displacement maps.
  • Heat map service.
  • Design test.
  • A/B tests.
  • General analysis of the page.
  • Conversion rate optimization.
  • Recording service.
  • CRM.


The plans to use Crazy Egg are very flexible. Offers various packages among which you can choose the best suited to your needs.

If you are not sure if this tool is for you and you want to try it first, you can access a free version for 30 days. With it you will be able to explore in depth all the options and tools that it offers and thus determine if it adapts or not to what you are looking for.

After the deadline, if you want to continue enjoying the benefits of Crazy Egg you must choose between one of the following plans:

Basic Plan

This plan costs $29 per month. It offers some unlimited features such as A/B testing.

Standard plan

Its monthly price is $49. It has unlimited functions, among which besides the A/B tests the domains stand out.

Plan Plus

This plan costs $79 per month. Among its features we have that allows 6 months of recording storage and endless unlimited options.

Pro Plan

Is the most complete plan of Crazy Egg and of course its cost is higher, specifically you must pay $189 per month. In addition to offering all the unlimited options of the previous package, it allows 1,000 recordings and 250,000 page views per month.

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Who uses Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a very useful tool, recommended for small and medium businesses. But also individuals, bloggers, marketing agencies and large companies can use it.

To be honest, this is a tool that can be used by any person or company who wants to increase, optimize and control the user experience on your website and use this data to benefit your business.


When making the decision to acquire an optimization tool, it is important not only to analyze the characteristics it possesses and offers, but also to know the opinions of people and companies that have already used the product.

While it is true that each user has different needs and we cannot compare them with our own, it is a good idea to analyze the opinions in order to make a better decision.

For the most part, Crazy Egg users highlight the same price by pointing out that it is an optimization tool that is a little cheaper than others. In addition, they emphasize that the functions it offers, such as heat maps, are reliable.

In general the opinions of the majority agree that the tool is one that is worth using, as it offers many options that allow you to control and improve any website.

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