Distribion is a Distributed Marketing Platform (DMP). That’s technology that allows marketers to create and measure marketing communication. It’s done across various platforms. This helps marketers to centralize their communication. They can optimize their marketing channels and analyze data. This helps them to carry out better marketing campaigns. So a marketing campaign can be carried out across many channels at one time. Having a single tool to manage all that is good. It’s time-saving and cost-effective for marketers. Founded in 2009, Distribion has become a leading DMP in the United States.

Distribion Features

Distribion manages the following aspects of marketing:

Centralized marketing control.

This is something that empowers corporate marketers. They establish and strengthen the influence of their brand.

Multi-channel campaign supervision and administration

For bigger companies, it’s important that their marketing content is cohesive across different platforms.

Email marketing

Even today in the era of social media, email campaigns still works. Email automation is a good marketing tool. Especially when tailored to customers’ needs and diligently tracked

Social media

Some brands that are strong in today’s corporate world. They’re the ones that maintain a strong social media presence. Customers enjoy interacting with their favorite brands online. In case of any complaints, they can be redressed quickly. Most target audiences are found on social media. Maintaining a strong presence here is vital

Brand Customized templates

Brand Customized templates are important for the cohesiveness of a brand across channels. It’s particularly true when there are many different types of marketing platforms. No-one should get a marketing message which doesn’t fit their preferences and needs. That’s why lead preference management is a vital part of today’s marketing campaigns.


Studying analytics collected through automated marketing campaigns helps marketers. They see what’s working for certain customers and what isn’t working for the same customers. The study of analytics helps to improve marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis.

As we can see, Distribion is a corporate marketing tool. It’s an all-in-one system that takes care of marketing on all levels. It centralizes the marketing system of a company. It ensures brand compliance and a unified approach.

Pricing & Free trial

Distribion as already noted, is a corporate marketing company. It works with corporate bodies. It doesn’t publish a list of pricing models. It doesn’t seem to offer a free trial.

The company tailors a customized marketing program along with a quote after interviewing a potential customer’s representatives. This program will be tailored to the customer’s individual marketing needs. Distribion would have assessed the customer’s marketing approach and would have its own recommendations to make. Maybe such a company would have already had another marketing system in place before considering Distribion. It may have a fair idea of the expected fees package.

Distribion seems to be in a different class from other marketing companies. It doesn’t seem to need to enter the race to try and undercut its competitors. It seems very confident about its marketing expertise and standing.

Distribion Review

This is my personal experience with the automated marketing system that is called Distribion, after using the tool for some time.


There can’t be any doubt that Distribion’s reports on analytics are excellent. I have always found them so. They give a thorough report on every aspect of the company’s marketing, giving you a clear picture of the overall marketing situation of your company. This is information which can be put to good use by any company who needs to improve their marketing strategy. The automated features make your marketing strategy very easy to operate.


At first, this platform is very confusing to get your head around. Bear with it, however, as things get much better after a while. Trying to add photographs into the body of an email can be troublesome and sometimes you lose all your work and have to start again. Some HTML knowledge is required for setting up emails. This can be a problem if you don’t know HTML. Creating emails on the Distribion platform is challenging to say the least.

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly

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