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In any online store, to have good sales is necessary to attract traffic, optimize SEO and have a good search engine as Doofinder that is achieving great fame thanks to its power and great effectiveness.

And you can have a perfect online store, with descriptions, photos, incredible products and so on, but if the customer can not get what they are looking for simply withdraw from the site and sales will not be as expected.

So you need a search engine that allows users to see relevant information and, therefore, allows you to increase sales.

What is Doofinder

Doofinder is a search engine that allows o29nline stores to increase their sales by offering quick results. Makes it easy for users to find the product they’re looking for, no matter how many items exist on the site.

It is very common for online stores to lose sales because users do not find what they want, despite the availability of the product on the web. But fortunately this problem can be solved thanks to Doofinder, which shows relevant results and facilitates the purchase process; something that users are certainly very grateful for.


I have already said that Doofinder is a search engine that helps to increase the sales of any online store, but beyond that allows to reduce the abandonment rate.

In addition, you can have complete control of the search engine; this means that it makes it possible to customize the results, so it is possible to decide which products you want to display and in what order.

Another feature provided by Doofinder is that you can analyze searches in real time, making your search engine optimized with interesting information.

Added to all this is that this search engine supports searches in more than 30 languages, and this is undoubtedly a great advantage for users, since Doofinder understands them, can manage spelling errors and even provide some synonyms.


Doofinder offers plans that adapt perfectly to the type of business you have, whether it is a small shop or a large multinational. The options are endless, just choose the one that best suits your needs.

Among the plans offered are the following:

  • Free: 1,000 requests/month
  • 29€/month: 10,000 requests/month.
  • 49€/month: 50,000 requests/month.
  • 69€/month: 100,000 requests/month.
  • 99€/month: 200,000 requests/month.

It should be noted that these plans have a free trial period that lasts 30 days, which is very good because it allows you to use the service without investing money.

Who uses Doofinder

This search engine is usually used by any type of company that offers its services online, may be small stores or multinationals.

Doofinder works for any type of e-commerce, corporate website, blog, and other different types of and online businesses.

In fact, right now there are many recognized companies that use this search engine to increase their sales, among them: Volkswagen, Primor, Lecreuset, Central Dietetics, Perfumes 24 hours, Two pharma, Mainada and Bulevip.

As you can see they are different stores, that is, stores that offer different products; so no matter what type of business you have, this search engine is a good alternative to increase sales.


Why consult opinions about Doofinder? Well, knowing what those who have already used it say can give you a clearer idea of how good or bad its implementation can be.

In the case of Doofinder the results have been very satisfactory, and is that most users, if not all, have said that this search engine is a quick and easy alternative to immediately increase sales in their stores, something that is certainly surprising, since it is possible to sell products that before were not even found.

That’s why it’s highly recommended, as it not only improves the user experience, but also helps online stores to increase their sales. Surely you agree with me that in the world of e-commerce it is essential to have a good search engine, that’s why Doofinder is a good choice.

By the way, maybe you’re wondering, can’t I integrate Google’s search engine into my online store? The answer is yes, you can do it, but if you use Doofinder you will take to ur web a tool specially developed to show better the results of an ecommerce.

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