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Empathy.co helps brands by providing irresistible search and pairing software and interfaces that combine functionality and beauty, making the search experience not only functional but also entertaining and captivating.

Leading companies such as Carrefour (Europe), Kroger (USA) and Inditex (internationally) rely on Empathy.co to revolutionize their search experiences. The objective is not only to offer the best results, but to generate a discovery element that achieves, through the search experience, more significant relationships between the brand and its customers.


Empathy.co features and technology are highly optimized to give a satisfactory answer to the user, generating imaginative interactions and creating a very friendly experience during the search process.

Empathy is the only provider that offers an end-to-end solution; components that enhance 3rd part search solutions, a fully operated search and discovery solution in SaaS, and a portfolio of multi-cloud ready-made components and micro-services that can be operated (and even modified and owned) by the customer.

One of the most identifying features of Empathy is the search experience design, a discovery journey coupled with predictive suggestions as you type, trends, related tags, next queries and a number of personalized product carousels called “Discovery Wall”.

The product also provides on of the most advanced set of merchandising tools for search in the market (ie. Synonymize, ranking equalize, boost, bury, promoted links and banners, attribute ranking, etc..).

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Empathy has different solutions in order to answer the different challenges that small and big companies have, classified into three categories:

No code/SaaS

It’s a perfect solution for SMEs that adjusts the volume of searches of your website. It is currently in beta and will operate under the name of Motive.

Low code

A SaaS solution for big ecommerce with all the possibilities of personalization.

Your code

The best fit for large enterprises with very complex search requirements.

Empathy.co review

Check Empathy search in action on sites such as Carrefour, Toysrus, and Pullandbear.

On one hand, the shopper experience is very satisfactory, and users are guided to information easily, effortlessly and elegantly. The suggestions are highly optimized to inspire users to explore un-hinted parts of the catalogue.

On the other hand, brands see how not only customer engagement has increased, but also notorious improvements have taken place in sales, revenue and site performance since they began to work with Empathy.

These are the main reasons why this search engine is growing so fast in the ecommerce industry and it is highly recommended for all the companies.

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