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Findify is an AI-powered search tool which helps find what customers need to buy in online shops. It is able to source the goods they want to buy. It can customise searches so that they can recommend the searcher to buy products which it knows will suit them.

Findify harnasses the power of AI and deep learning to give personalized search results. So that when customers come to an eCommerce store, they don’t have to waste time looking at items which don’t interest them at all.

eCommerce stores which harnassed the power of Findify found their conversion rates improved a lot.


Findify can integrate with a lot of different platforms. Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and more.

Findify analytics can give a deep understanding of customer’s behaviour so that by analysing their behaviour searches can even be predicted. Findify can customise search results in such a way that they can look and feel a part of the site, in a seamless manner.

Findify, by doing smart searches, can reduce bounce rates and optimize conversion rates. It’s a win-win for the eCommerce platform and the person who comes to search for goods of their choice. The searcher gets what they want and the online store gets business.

Ecommerce site search

Using machine learning algorithms, Findify learns from your customers behaviours and navigation in order to provide better search results


6 types of recommendations, trigered by your customers behaviour:

  • Customers who viewed this product ultimately bought these products (upselling)
  • Products frequently purchased together (cross-selling)
  • Customers who viewed this product also viewed these products
  • Trending products
  • Products you’ve recently viewed
  • Newest products

Smart collections

Findify can deliver the results on your category listing pages, so you can power your categories product’s directly from the tool. That means products are ranked based on their trend score, and personalized for each and every customer based on their unique behaviour


Find detailed search analytics reports, search queries reports, promote products pinning them on the tool, control your misspellings and synonims and customize your reports look & feel.

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Findify is used by eCommerce stores to optimize their business. Depending on the size of the store, there are different pricing plans. The following is a list of the same:

Premium plan: $499.00 per month

This is for eCommerce stores that get up to 40,000 visits per month.

This level provides personalized eCommerce site search and smart collections for personalized browsing. In the area of analytics it offers a 365 day analytics platform, a merchandizing suite and a fully customizable UX style customization. Regarding support, this level gets self-service and email support and technical onboarding.

Professional: $799.00 per month

This is for eCommerce stores that get up to 100,000 visits per month.

They most likely have several stores and different languages to deal with. In addition to the facilities available on the Premium program, this level also gives personalized recommendations. This level also gets self-service and email support and technical onboarding. But they also get technical support to set up collections.

Enterprise level: Starts from $1199.00 per month

In this the eCommerce store gets everything in professional and also gets content search and priority support. In addition to the support level of self-service and email and technical onboarding.

Findify review

Having used Findify for a while now, here’s how I personally found the search tool, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interpret the needs of particular customers.


Findify helps my eCommerce customers to find whatever they’re looking for on my site in the quickest possible time. It’s super-responsive and finds items tailored to the taste of each individual customer. It picks up their wants, likes and dislikes in an incredibly short time. This has increased my sales no end. It’s no coincidence that I started getting higher conversion rates on my site once I started to use this search tool.

The Findify team are also super-efficient and helpful. It has what some call ‘genius search capabilities’. It’s a super-efficient search system for any eCommerce business.


There’s just one drawback to using Findify if you can call it that. Once you start using it for your eCommerce store, you’ll never be able to do without it again. But is that really a drawback? Even if using the tool costs me a bit of money, I think it’s worth it when I consider how the conversion rate of my online store has shot up after installing it.

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