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Freshmarketer is a conversion rate optimization platform designed to provide companies with marketing functionalities, including campaign monitoring, thus allowing increased visits and sales.

What is Freshmarketer

Freshmarketer offers digital marketing specialists a wide range of options for efficient website management.

Helping users to increase their online presence, monitor campaigns, analyze their customers and optimize their overall website.

Features by Freshmarketer

The services offered by Freshmarketer lie in offering digital marketing solutions that allow users to increase their presence on the network. Thus being very useful to achieve increased sales and visits to your website.

Among the main services offered, the following stand out:

Website Analysis

This platform offers complete website analysis services, providing the user with all the data they need to carry out an effective marketing study.

Data such as heat maps, A/B tests, among many others; which are efficient to achieve total monitoring of website traffic and are useful to plan marketing strategies to apply.

Real-time reports

Freshmarketer is a platform specializing in real-time reporting. It has many functions that facilitate decision making and various analysis of the website.

Among its functions, it has options for analysis of abandonment rates, duration of visits, among many other reports that are issued in real time.

Analyzes customer activity

One of the fundamental aspects of Freshmarketer, is that it allows you to analyze all the activity of the client. You will be able to track all the client’s activity on your website, making it an excellent option to obtain solid information on the next strategies to apply.


This platform has a free plan for those people or companies that are growing and can not invest much money in this type of services.

However, it is important to note that this plan does not offer all the features typically offered in the paid version; that is, it is a limited edition, so if you want the most advanced features you must purchase the payment plan.

In general, the plans are as follows:


This plan is free, allows 500 contacts, 5,000 visitors and 100 emails per month. It also offers the services of surveys and comments, tracking forms, mass mail campaigns, among others.


This plan costs $49 per month. Offers the same services as the free plan, only allowing up to 10k of visitors, custom domains, heat maps, A/B tests, plus premium support.

Who uses Freshmarketer

This application is widely used by any type of person or company that wants to have all the information it requires about your website, to in turn be able to make their studies of digital marketing and adapt everything accordingly.


Opinions about Freshmarketer are very positive. In general, most users indicate that this is a platform that has many benefits, including A / B tests.

Users indicate that they are satisfied with the analysis of the statistics and the functioning of the heat maps, which allow for a segmented study of behaviour and sales in general.

Even another factor that most admire users, is precisely the technical support they offer, as they are usually very attentive and solve problems you have.

Among the negative aspects, most users indicate that although mapping is possible, radial mapping takes too long, as does territorial mapping, something that displeases users who require this tool.

On the other hand, this platform does not allow the use of surveys within the website, which makes it impossible for users to perform statistical studies and compile information on the comments left by customers on the web.

In general terms, the majority of users indicate that this platform is worthwhile, as the functions it offers are very important and useful for analyzing the web and visitor behavior, something very useful for digital marketing.

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