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In the market there are different options of CRM that in many cases require the installation of some program in the computer. This is not the case with Freshsales, a very powerful software that combines several management tools.

What is Freshsales

Freshsales is a customer relationship management software that also provides sales management tools, facilitating the control of both important aspects within an online business.

This program is one of the leaders in the market, since most users prefer it, due to the reliability and efficiency it offers. In addition, it is very useful for reporting, so at the level of statistics, and presentation of results, it goes very well.

Features by Freshsales

The services offered by Freshsales are based on a set of tools that facilitate customer management.

From tracking mail, events or calls, to reporting and customer service – all in one program.

Among the main services offered by Freshsales, the following can be highlighted:

Tracking and control of e-mails

For the world of digital marketing and Internet sales, it is no secret that emails and promotions sent through this channel are of great impact to the consumer and potential customer.

It is for this reason that among the outstanding functions of this program, it is possible to mention the follow-up and control of the electronic mails.

This tool provides an intelligent management, where you can determine who read and who did not, the mail, thus determining the level of interest of the customer, and based on other data obtained.

This is essential to focus on potential customers and make a sale.

Total sales management

One of its most important and complete features is sales management, so it includes several functions that control the sales process from start to finish.

For example, making profit and loss records, segmentation of products according to their popularity, offers, locations, and a host of other options that allow further optimization of the sales process.

Customer management

The main service of Freshsales is the management or administration of customers, so it fulfills various tasks related to these.

For example, you will be able to have total control over them, whether it be organizing their personal data, conversations, scheduled appointments or contacts made to the support team.

In addition, it facilitates the detection of potential customers through a system of ratings and segmentation through various conditions to reach the public more efficiently.

In short, Freshsales includes all the services that any quality CRM should have.


This program offers a free 2-day trial for those users who want to know their services and determine if they suit their needs or not.

After the trial period you can purchase the software through one of these plans:


It costs $12 per month for each user. It offers contact management functions, iPhone and Android applications, SMS integration, 2 sales campaigns, among others.


The cost of this plan is $25 per month for each user. In addition to the features of the previous plan, it offers 5 sales campaigns, advanced reporting and advanced CRM customization.


This plan costs $49 per user per month. It offers the same services as the previous plans, only with more advanced features, such as 10 sales campaigns, multicurrency, and event tracking.


The plan costs $79 per month per user. This is the most advanced plan and contains important functions such as IP white list, audit logs, among others.

Who uses Freshsales

This software is used by a wide variety of companies looking to find solutions to their problems in customer management.

Given that it is a very complete software, but at the same time simple to use, any type of company can acquire its services; be it small, medium or large, since the functionalities it possesses are perfectly adaptable and customizable.


Opinions about this program are very positive and most agree that it is a program that perfectly fulfills everything it offers.

Also, its customization and use is really simple, as it has a very intuitive interface.

On the other hand, users indicate that the options of delegation and collaboration of tasks are very useful.

As far as sales management is concerned, the majority of users indicate that it has helped them to increase sales accuracy and identify contacts in the database.

However, in terms of improvements, some users indicate that it would be great if more customisation options were added to the mass offers.

In general, this is a recommended software, since it meets what is necessary to function as a customer and sales manager.

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