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Google Analytics is the most complete web measurement and analysis tool of all. It quantifies the statistics of all the most important aspects of a website, blog or ecommerce such as visits, bounce rate, conversions, traffic sources, secondary websites visited, keywords, favourite sections and more.

In the beginning, Analytics did not belong to Google but to a company called Uchin who in 2006 sold its shares to the Internet giant. Although before this it was already used by thousands of users, when it was acquired by Google it became more popular and powerful because it could be integrated with the other tools of the company.


Google Analytics shows in real time a wide variety of interesting data and metrics that allow us to know the performance of a website and find opportunities for improvement, for example:

  • Number of visits and visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Time spent
  • Counting time of stay
  • Engagement of the web
  • Keyword Base
  • Devices from which you can access
  • Origin of the visits (Data of the referrals)
  • Conversion measurement (if integrated with AdWords)

Detailed reports can be generated automatically from all this data and can be exported as a spreadsheet or in PDF format. It is also possible to carry out A/B tests.

Google Analytics is essentially a statistics and metrics tool, every detail is covered and is calculable and quantifiable, but this would be of very little importance if it could not be customizable, and this is another of its great features. Although the interface shows you a number of predefined cards, as a user you can create others or choose which ones will be shown on your home page.

Of course such a complete tool is not for those who are unfamiliar with web development or IT, even if it is available in your language, not fearing knowledge of related terminology can turn all Google Analytics statistics into a huge fist of unintelligible numbers.


Google Analitycs, like many other products of the company, is a free tool to which anyone with a Google account has access.

Simply log in to the tool and register your website to start enjoying real-time data about the behavior of the site and your visitors.

Google Analytics review

Google Analytics is not only the most complete web analytics tool but also the most popular on the market, in fact, according to some studies, it has 80% of the market share. So much so that many other tools of its kind use the data it provides to show information about the performance of a website and its potential for improvement.

As webmasters we love GA because it allows us to know first hand how our website is doing, what our visitors are looking for, how to give them what they want, what we need to improve and what we are doing well. So with propriety we say that every website owner should create an account in Analytics and start enjoying its benefits.

Advantages of Google Analytics

  • Throws data in real time
  • Accurate statistics
  • Detailed forms
  • Multilingual system
  • Free tool
  • Easy to register websites
  • High compatibility with other Google tools and developed by third parties
  • Your panel can be customized to the maximum

Disadvantages of Google Analyitcs

  • Too many parameters and statistics for those seeking simplicity.
  • It requires specific knowledge to understand all the data thrown

Google Analytics powers the world’s websites, blogs and online stores, making it reliable, secure and versatile. The best of the options in web analysis.

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