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If you are a digital content creator, you will be interested in Gumroad a platform where you can sell your creations.

Gumroad is a platform that works as a marketplace where you can sell music, ebooks, comics, software, PDFs and even movies. That is, electronic products.

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It was launched in 2011 by Sahil Lavingia, the founder of Pinterest himself, and has since become the preferred platform for many who want to market their works without intermediaries.

The reason? It is extremely easy to use and puts the seller in touch with a wide audience of potential buyers.

Getting started with Gumroad is as simple as creating an account with your Twitter or Facebook details, uploading a link to your product, pricing it and sharing the link to make it known.

This marketplace has among its main users bloggers, writers, artists, musicians, illustrators and independent programmers, but it is not recommended for large online stores, as it has not been created for them.

Gumroad Features

The features that make Gumroad a particular e-commerce tool are as follows:

Payment platform

Gumroad works as a payment platform within the United States and Japan, that is, if you reside in one of these countries you will receive the money for your sales directly in your bank account. If you live in another country, PayPal is used to receive your earnings. In any case, you will receive your payments every two weeks.

The whole process is done on the same platform

The buyer carries out the entire purchase process within the same platform, therefore he will not have to go to other sites to make payment or manage delivery.


On this platform your data and those of your clients will be completely protected and the information stored is confidential, never shared with third parties.

Application of filters

When you upload a product, you can indicate whether it will be available for the whole world or only for certain countries. You can also limit the sale of your product to a limited number of units.

Other features

  • It is available in 160 countries
  • You can share your product links on social networks
  • Shipping Settings
  • Creation of discount coupons and promotions
  • It has its own internal messaging system so that you can contact your buyers and those interested in your products

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Plans and prices

If you are a rare seller you can create a free account on Gumroad and pay 5% for each sale plus a fee of 3.5% + 30 cents.

If you want to use the platform to sell on a recurring basis or have a large inventory, you have the option to create an unlimited account for $10 per month and 3.5% + 30 cents for each sale.

Gumroad review

Gumroad is a simple, intuitive and very easy to use e-commerce tool. It makes finding customers and selling a quick and non-traumatic task. The possibility of sharing product links on social networks makes it more interesting as it expands the audience you can reach.

Its commissions are relatively low and the fact that it does not require paying a monthly fee if you are not a recurring seller is a plus, because you would be paying only for concrete sales; ideal in this way for small creators.

Users of this platform are satisfied with it and for obvious reasons more are joining the list of sellers.


  • It allows you to manage the whole process of buying and selling within the same platform.
  • It has its own tool to create landigin page for the products offered.
  • Application of filters and segmentation.
  • Buyers can pay with PayPal or credit card.


  • It only allows you to sell digital products, leaving out the services.
  • Your customer support can be improved

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