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In the market there are many online tools to know the performance of a website, from the super famous Google Analitycs or SemRush, to others less known as Hotjar.

Although the latter does not have the fame nor does it cover all the functionalities of the better known ones, it does have a large number of useful services that can be accessed even on a low budget.

What is Hotjar

Hotjar is a tool that provides information on the interactions and behaviour of visitors to a website (website, blog, online store).

Its objective is to help the owner of the website to understand what their visitors do, from the simplest action to frequently asked questions.

Hotjar features

This suite of tools and functionalities offers its users a great list of services, many of them similar to those already used in the market and other new ones, that is to say, it combines the traditional with new and improved technology.

Among its services are the following:


Are a model of representation of data in the form of maps or diagrams.

Its purpose is to record the main interactions of users on web pages, for example, where the user clicks and which pages of the site they visit. These values will be represented by colors that vary from blue to red, being the red colored zones those that had more attention of the visitor.

With the tool you can configure click heat maps, to know which are the sections where you click the most; movement, to know the areas where the visitor positioned the cursor; and displacement maps that allow you to determine where the visitor navigated.

Funnel Tracking

This tool allows the website owner to know and be informed if the users finish the conversion process, that is, if they become a lead or if on the contrary they abandon it.

This is useful because it allows us to see at what stage sales are being lost and where shopping carts are left abandoned.


Will allow visitors to leave comments, suggestions or complaints on your website, to express what they liked… and what they didn’t like.

How to ask for this information, how to ask for feedback? One of the most used forms in pop-up windows that are shown when the user is about to leave the page, like “Don’t go without leaving us your opinion”.

Forms Analytics

With this functionality you will be able to receive notifications about the interaction and behavior of users with the different forms you have on your website.


Although it sounds a bit like “spying”, Hotjar allows the owner of the page to visualize in video format the behavior of its visitors.

This is how you know and monitor exactly what users do on the page, from the moment they log in, which menus they access, where they click, and the order in which they click.

Opinion polls

With them you can interact with your visitors, and even ask them why they have or have not performed certain actions on the site.

Market research

With this service, users can conduct more in-depth research in order to know their audience, to finally know the needs and how to generate new business ideas.


Compared to other similar platforms whose prices are quite high, Hotjar offers practically the same at really low prices.

The plans are divided according to the type of user and are as follows:

Staff: $29/month

For personal projects and low-traffic sites the basic plan has been created, which is completely free and allows data collection of up to 2000 page views per day. But if you want to increase this amount and add new options, you have the Plus plan, whose price is only $29 a month.

Business: starting at $89/month

For small, medium and large businesses there are 4 different plans that actually only vary in the number of page views per day, and of course in the price to be paid monthly. These plans range from $89 (20,000 page views per day) to $589 (400,000 page views).

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Who uses Hotjar

Hotjar is a tool that can be used globally, from bloggers, webmasters, online stores to digital marketing agencies, because it is a very useful tool and easy to use.


Hotjar has become the main tool for millions of users for all the options it offers at truly affordable prices.

Without leaving aside the satisfaction of the clients for being a very simple platform and easy to use, emphasizing that it takes them little time to know it perfectly and understand its functioning.

However, there are also a few negative opinions expressed by users who do not feel comfortable, especially because they consider that the analytical part of the tool does not collect enough data, falling short compared to other similar companies.

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