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As an entrepreneur, perhaps one of your biggest concerns is the financial health of your business, but it is certainly difficult at first to learn how to manage finances properly. So if you are starting your business and are looking for a platform to help you manage your income and accounting services properly, InDinero is the closest thing to a financial advisor you’ll find.

It is a private accounting, tax and payroll software and services company that works on a cloud platform and serves as a guide to your company’s financial futures. This is possible because it was created with the purpose of helping small businesses with their finances, so that they can invest more time in the formation of their business and less time in accounting.

It was created by Jessica Mah, Andy Su and Andrea Barrica in 2009 and since then it has been the favorite platform of great entrepreneurs, with more than 20,000 companies joining its platform.

InDinero Features

The most important features of InDinero are the following:

Real-time console

This platform is capable of numbering the transactions of your company, showing a small balance in real time that allows you to know instantly and from the comfort of your mobile phone how much money you are earning at each moment of the day. In addition, it shows your amount of debt and the cash flow situation.

Elimination of manual data entry

InDinero helps you save more time than you think. The platform instantly downloads all your account balances, transactions and more without any risk of revealing your banking details. This way you don’t have to download every bank transaction you make.

Finance on the move

It is cloud-based, so it won’t matter if an unexpected trip occurs, as you can still monitor cash flow and burn rate with a simple glance at your mobile screen.

Available 24 hours a day

This platform offers information about your finances, with a responsible and active team at every moment of the day to offer advice and answer any questions that arise to help you make the best decisions. All you have to do is call or send an email. In this way InDinero adapts to your occupations and free time.

Other features

  • CFO on demand
  • Immediate classification
  • It organizes and coordinates projects and daily tasks
  • Instant report generation
  • It has planning and support for fundraising

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Plans and prices

InDinero does not have a free or trial plan, but offers two payment plans:


  • From $300 per month
  • Provides clean and simple cash accounting
  • 24-hour financial reporting
  • Employee reimbursement


  • Created for companies with more complex needs
  • Multiple entity support
  • Dedicated controller
  • Advanced Revenue Recognition

The price and characteristics of this plan are designed to your needs, so you should contact support to know the price you should pay.

InDinero review

InDinero is a tool that has positioned itself as one of the best for learning how to manage your company’s finances. Something that makes it stand out is that it works instantly, generating reports every time some kind of change is made.

It is so simple to use and understand, that financial experts never use technical language, but provide ideas in a simple and understandable way showing the problems and providing suggestions to create your best accounting team.

Another strength of the platform is that it provides guaranteed data security, through encryption and authentication of the tax signatory, which speaks volumes about this application and makes it worth investing in it.


  • Easy to use software
  • Time-saving mobile application
  • Unlimited banking connections


  • Only available in English
  • Its prices are high, so it is not an option for all users.

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