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One of the most important aspects within an online store is the payment method. For this reason, there are many tools that provide payment solutions, including Ingenico epayments, a payment solution that will optimize and expand the possibilities of your store.

What is Ingenico epayments

Ingenico epayments is a tool that facilitates the payment methods that are managed in an online store. Without a doubt it is a very useful tool, as it allows a greater number of payment methods, such as VISA, Mastercard, among others, sales figures will be increased, basically because you widen the range of possibilities, giving customers the option of choosing to pay with the financial instrument they want.

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In addition, with Ingenico epayments, it is possible to integrate the payment extension with the shopping carts, thus achieving greater optimization.

Services offered by Ingenico epayments

The services offered by ingenico epayments, are based on the integration of various payment methods in your e-commerce site, allowing customers to pay as they wish.

However, in order to know all the benefits of this tool, we must know what services it offers. Among them are these:

Acceptance of EMV payments

With this Ingenico epayments package it is possible to integrate the acceptance of EMV payments to the mobile applications you own. Without a doubt this is an excellent option for optimizing payment methods.

Security in transactions

One thing that worries customers when they make a purchase via the web is the security of their data and the operations they carry out.

That is why Ingenico epayments, among the many benefits it offers, emphasizes the security it guarantees both to the online store and to its customers. The data is totally confidential and encrypted, and they work under the highest security standards, thus remaining one of the most secure platforms.

Increased availability of payment methods

By implementing Ingenico epayments in your online store customers will have many more options to make their payments, so you will avoid the loss of customers by not having a payment method that suits what the customer required. Without a doubt this is a tool that you should not miss.

Reduces risks and costs

The most outstanding benefits of using Ingenico epayments is precisely the reduction of the risks involved in online transactions. Being a totally safe and reliable platform, risks are greatly reduced.

Even the costs are reduced in the same way, which is one of the greatest advantages; since in addition to helping to increase sales, it reduces costs.


The costs of Ingenico epayments will depend on the type of plan you wish to contract. Therefore, it is recommended to analyze the needs of e-commerce, and once determined, contact a support or sales operator and listen to the recommendations and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Who uses Ingenico epayments

There are many companies that use Ingenico epayments, as it is a very useful tool that provides many advantages. In general small online stores, medium and even large companies that sell online, have ingenico epayments as one of their service providers.


In general, opinions about Ingenico epayments are positive, as they indicate that it is a tool that offers very useful solutions and packages.

Probably one of the most named advantages of this tool is its attention to operational support. To be honest, some people have complained that the contact process is usually a bit slow, but I suppose it’s due to the large number of users on the platform.

However, remember that other people’s opinions are based on your personal experiences and the individual needs of your business. Therefore, you should not let yourself be carried away by these opinions, since your needs are different from those of others. Although it is good that you read and consider some opinions of people who have already used the product, to facilitate your decision.

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