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One of the bases of many marketing strategies and tactics for eCommerce is the landing page. After all, it is the entry point to the business and the sale, so we must always strive for excellence in its design and functionality.

Instapage offers you just that; a very powerful tool that not only allows you to design visually appealing landing pages, but also provides them with very advanced features and functionality. All this without the need to type in a single line of code.

With this software, intuitiveness, customization and analysis have been brought together. This means that what we are building with Instapage is not so much a website as a very advanced user experience.

To the drag and drop editor that works using a system of editable blocks and anyone can learn how to use it in seconds, you add all the business intelligence behind the post click analysis and how it generates a custom experience.

Their approach is to make the most of each visit generated by making the return on investment grow with the same capture. This means that we may not capture better, but we will sell more since it is designed very efficiently for lead generation and eCommerce conversion.


This is actually an eCommerce tool of amazing depth. Instapage has so many features that it’s almost hard to summarize them all on one page.

The important thing is that all of them contribute, in one way or another, to improve the conversion of the landing pages from their creation to their optimization. Let’s look at some of those outstanding features:

Powerful landings editor

It is undoubtedly one of the best you can find on the market. Its system of contextual blocks can be used very simply by anyone without the need to know how to design or, of course, have programming knowledge. You choose the type of content, drag and drop it.

All this is possible thanks to its registered technology: Instablocks. You can choose from a number of predefined formats (headers, footers, forms, testimonials …) or start from a blank canvas if you want something very specific.

The possibilities are almost endless as you can build each page from scratch in both structure and content. To help you customize it, you have more than 5,000 fonts and millions of images (literally). By the way; the image management is fantastic.

Templates by sector

Maybe, precisely because you are not a designer or programmer, you don’t want to face a blank landing page. If this is your case, don’t worry because Instapage has also thought of you.

With your account you have access to more than 200 different templates to take as a starting point on which you can edit each element or add whatever you want.

The best thing is that you can choose the functionality for which you are going to create the page among different categories (lead generation, webinars, events…) and they are totally optimized for that purpose.

Collaborative design

Usually the process of creating a website or landing page can involve different professionals and departments. This means that many aspects must be validated and the feedback must be almost immediate so that the process does not take too long.

Instapage, being a SaaS, allows simultaneous access to different users who can see the progress and leave their comments and modifications in real time directly on the template of the landing.

If you’re thinking that you’re afraid someone will edit a page, don’t worry because it keeps a history of changes that you can return to and allows you to block the design so that only certain people can work on it.

Create 100% mobile AMP landing pages

A few years ago, Google bet on AMP (accelerated mobile pages) as a standard to show the user hyper-optimized content for mobile devices. It eliminates everything that is not strictly necessary both visually and at the code level so that the user can navigate at maximum speed.

Not all landing page creators are prepared to make them in AMP but, in the case of Instapage, not only does it allow you to create them, it also does so with the same simplicity as your editor but giving it a really good visual finish.

As an additional feature within the mobile aspect, say that it is the only software that allows you to natively perform A/B tests also in AMP.


As you know, widgets are small applications that add specific functionality to the page. This is something typical of the big web creation platforms like WordPress and online stores like PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify… but it is also available in Instapage.

With just a couple of clicks, you will be able to add to your landing all kinds of multimedia content such as videos, podcasts or image carousels, countdown or even a chat to be able to attend to potential customers live.

Advanced forms

As a good platform for creating landing pages, they had to have the best possible form creator and they have succeeded.

Not only can you use all the fields and elements you need (check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, free text fields…) you can also generate forms in multiple steps if the complexity requires it.

It is also foreseen that you can use personalized messages for those users who complete the form.

Lead manager

Every time we generate a lead through a form, we will be notified via email and it will appear in the dashboard created in the tool itself for tracking purposes.

Instapage is also able to send those leads directly to our CRM or automation tool we use but, importantly, the information will never stay on the tool’s servers to ensure confidentiality and compliance with data protection laws.

It incorporates lead magnets

When we want to attract new contacts, there is little help. Landings created with Instapage allow for easy implementation of retention tools such as pop ups and exit attempts that are automatically triggered when certain programmable conditions occur (such as when the pointer moves to the corner to close the window).

Ready for web analytics

The pages you create with Instapage will integrate very easily with Google Analytics. This way you can check the evolution and performance of your campaign.

By the way, in addition to the Analytics script we can incorporate others such as codes that allow us to do remarketing on platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

CRO Optimization

We have already commented that the focus of the tool is on getting the most out of the captured audience. Therefore, it was essential to provide the tool with resources for conversion optimization (CRO).

With Instapage we can perform experiments such as A/B tests with different text variants, calls, action or general design of a landing page obtaining a winning version with statistical relevance.

It also incorporates a tool for making heat maps that highlight the areas that concentrate the most activity on the design and, therefore, also the elements that go unnoticed.

Customization with AdMap

One of Instapage’s strengths as an eCommerce tool is in AdMap. Thanks to this technology, what happens in the post-click is intensively monitored.

Through a perfect visualization of the campaign structure and a personalized evaluation of each click, we can automatically design 100% personalized experiences that increase the effectiveness of the ads. So much so that it even allows the dynamic insertion of texts depending on the keywords used by the user to reach our landing page.

It is interesting to see how it evaluates campaigns by giving it a post-click score that serves as a simple reference.

Instapage Integrations

To achieve that level of conversion optimization promised by the tool, it is essential that you can communicate fluently with other services and assets of the company.

To begin with, you can (and should) connect Instapage to the CRM software you are using. For example, Instapage can connect to Salesforce or Hubspot natively.

Of course, when we talk about software that searches for personalized content in an automated way, it must also be integrated with marketing automation tools, email marketing platforms and so on. The number of integrations is impressive and, if you add those that can be generated through Zappier and webhooks… it’s almost infinite.

We have already mentioned this, but it is worth remembering that it is easily integrated with Google (both Analytics or Tag Manager and Ads) as well as other platforms such as Facebook Ads to carry out and follow campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


Instapage has two different plans, a startup plan called Business and an Enterprise plan for larger companies with greater needs.

The Business plan costs $149 per month which is quite interesting even if you don’t have all the options.

For example, if you want 1:1 customization or real-time display, you will need to contact Instapage for an Enterprise offer based on your needs.

Instapage has the possibility of a 14-day demo in which to test if it fits what you’re looking for and start generating results before going through the checkout.

Instapage Reviews

This is a tool that is really worthwhile for both agencies and those who manage their own store. Especially for those who are looking for the greatest possible agility when creating campaigns. This is one of the main added values, without a doubt.

As I say, it is agile not only because it is not necessary to involve a programmer or a designer (by the way, money we save here annually) to get the landings going, but also because they have thought a lot about how to speed up the decision making, validation and feedback processes.

Not all the tools we can use in an eCommerce have such a high or direct impact on conversion. That is why it is easier than in other cases to evaluate the performance that is giving us to know if it is really meeting the objectives we have set.

Globally, it is a tool that is more than recommended for most online stores. To put it bluntly, we could say that the business plan is a bit short compared to what the Enterprise offers and the quality/price ratio of one and the other can be a bit mismatched. Perhaps a cheaper start-up plan would be missing.

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