Many times, a company’s success and sales depend on the attention given to its customers. That’s why nowadays it is essential to have a way to interact with customers, and JivoChat is an ideal platform for that.

What is JivoChat

JivoChat is a tool that allows companies to interact with their customers in real time, as it provides online chat functions that are quite simple and effective.

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We said that customer service in a company is essential, so this tool is a good alternative for those who want to have a good online presence and generate higher sales, because you have to remember that the way you communicate with customers is key to the success of it.

Features by JivoChat

As it has been said, JivoChat is a tool that offers its users a personalized chat, so that if the visitor wants to start a conversation in real time to make a query, a notification will arrive to the mobile or computer to be able to attend it.

However, it is important to emphasize that live chat is not the only means of contact offered by this platform, since in addition to this, it will also be possible to engage in conversations with customers through calls, email, social networks and more.

But that’s not all this tool has to offer, since it allows you to gather all the information from customers in order to know from which site they are visiting your website, which sections are the most visualized, and other data of interest, which allows you to increase or improve the marketing strategy.

In addition to all this, JivoChat integrates seamlessly with different content and software managers, including: Shopify, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Slack, Pipedrive, Bigcommerce, Zapier and Zoho CRM.


Those who wish to purchase JivoChat services should know that this platform has two versions available: the basic version and the professional version.

The basic version is totally free, which is quite ideal for companies just starting out, as they will be able to take advantage of certain benefits without having to pay a monthly fee.

However, because it is free, it has some limitations compared to the professional version, here you can only respond to customers with up to five agents, but you can enjoy a customizable design and dialogs via email, the truth is that they are very basic functions, but to start is pretty good.

On the other hand, the professional version has many more functions, standing out among them:

  • Unlimited chats and websites.
  • Customizable chat in 20 languages.
  • To be able to observe what users write before sending the message.
  • The speed of response is much faster, as well as your productivity.
  • Chat can be created by department.
  • Desktop, mobile and browser agent applications.

Its monthly price is quite low, just $10 a month per agent.

Who uses JivoChat

This application is widely used by websites that require real-time customer service.

According to its own agina the cipher of sites in which the tool is integrated exceeds 280,000.

In fact, this tool can be used by any company that wants to maintain a more pleasant communication with its customers, since the ease it provides with the plans that are available, is suitable for anyone.


Many are the users who have opined about the JivoChat service, and reading some of their comments, it can be concluded that those who have used this tool have agreed that it is quite useful for businesses and websites, since it provides very complete functions to be able to keep in direct contact with customers.

In addition, it is quite easy to use and provides a completely free plan that is a great help for those who are just starting out and do not have the necessary capital; although it is important to note that the features are not as complete as the professional plan, but it is a good free alternative.

However, although most of the comments towards the platform have been positive, there are also some other negative opinions of the users.

These types of comments indicate that there are certain functions that should be more complete and customized. But there’s one detail: they’re asking for this for the free plan. Apparently they want more functions with no agar at all.

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