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Today, having good customer service is an important link in the growth of your business and it is what will make the difference between your business and that of your competitors. To provide better customer service there are dozens of tools, but this time I’m talking about Kayako.

Kayako is a private customer service software company that supports all types of businesses, helping to better direct and manage user requests and concerns, employing various ways to stay in touch to best support clients and keep them connected.

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It is extremely easy to use and its process is fast and transparent. This is why it is used by thousands of companies of all branches and sizes around the world.

It was launched in 2001 in India, by Varun Shoor and since then its growth has been progressive, currently serving more than 45,000 users in a large number of countries and recognized organizations such as De Beers Grave, American Motorcyclist Association and even NASA.

Kayako Features

The most outstanding features of Kayako are the following:

Tracking Customers

Kayako basically makes it possible for operators to track user requests and conversations using live chat, email, Facebook and Twitter. Missing messages frustrate customers, but with this software you will have everything organized in one place.

Live Chat

It has a quick and easy to integrate live chat that works as customer support. You can chat with it even when you are not online. This way it is possible to provide help anywhere and at any time in real time, responding to the concerns of your customers through the medium you want such as social networks, mobile application and email.

Context-driven customer service

Kayako provides all the information that your customer service team needs about the clients. This is possible because it offers a picture of the characteristics of the clients to know where they come from, interactions and even know what problems they have before they seek help.

Self-help knowledge base

It allows customers to find help 24 hours a day, receiving instant suggestions. By creating a help center with relevant information about what customers are looking for, they can answer their questions themselves.

Other features

  • Shared inbox
  • Social Integration of Customer Service CRM
  • Quick access to tickets
  • Issue Tracking Tool

Plans and prices

If you want to try Kayako before signing up for a plan, you can access a 14-day free trial of any of its three paid plans, which I mention below:


  • Price: $15 agent/month
  • Shared email
  • Live Chat
  • Basic Help Center
  • Collision prevention and single response macro


  • Price: 30$ agent/month
  • Free contributors
  • Advanced rule automation
  • Multi-language
  • Advanced help center customization and reports.


  • 60$ agent/month
  • Customized Workflow
  • Internal Help Center
  • Free contributors
  • Customized security, roles and permissions

Kayako reviews

Kayako is one of the best customer service platforms that allows you to have an organized system, comfortable to consult and use, see any email sent or received from anywhere regardless of the device used.

Not only does it allow you to communicate, but it also manages reports on any urgent emails, helping to save staff from tasks and delayed responses.

Kayako also strives to provide excellent customer service in multiple languages, and this, along with the company-wide security and affordable prices, makes it a must have.


  • Free Trial
  • Ease of use
  • Customizable interface
  • Good value for money
  • Focused tool without saturation of unnecessary information


  • Does not allow formatting of the content source
  • Not available for many Spanish-speaking countries

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  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly
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