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Before buying a product many of us have adopted the habit of comparing its price in the different websites that sell it, but this can be a titanic task if it is done manually, that is, visiting one site at a time. To solve this problem, there’s nothing better than using an online price comparator, the category Kelkoo is in.

What is Kelkoo

Kelkoo is a price comparator, an e-commerce intermediary who searches for and compares prices of the same product in several online stores.

Whichever product you are looking for, just enter it into the Kelkoo search engine and the platform will almost instantly show you along with an identification card, the reins where it is available, prices, plus criticism and customer feedback.

Services offered by Kelkoo

Kelkoo offers its users useful, efficient and free services, ranging from its primary function of searching and comparing prices to monitoring.

The stores that affiliate to Kelkoo enjoy incredible advantages, such as the free configuration of their pages or receiving daily reports where you can compare income and profits.

For price seekers, Kelkoo allows them to save time and money, in fact, according to the same platform it is possible to save up to 15% when purchasing a product on the Internet.

When the customer makes a search, he will not see results from all the shops in the network, but the ones that Kelkoo considers to be the most influential and that, of course, are registered in its platform.

Kelkoo’s website is very well organized so that you can navigate between its product categories and catch any offer that catches your attention.

In addition, one of the advantages of this portal is that prices are updated up to four times a day to present you with reliable and truthful information.

By the way, Kelkoo also has an application for Android mobile devices.


To compare and find the best prices you don’t have to pay anything at all, so Kelkoo is a free service for the consumer.

Kelkoo’s affiliated stores are the ones that pay the platform when a buyer clicks on one of their products.

Who uses Kelkoo

Kelkoo can be used by everyone, be they resellers, business owners, consumers, etc.

On its website we find an interesting detail, it is associated with thousands of brands, retailers and online stores, including some of the most famous in the world such as Apple, Sony and Nike, John Lewis, Argos, Tesco, Amazon, Ebookers and


When it comes to online shopping, 80% of shoppers usually do some research before buying a product and what better option than to make your comparisons at Kelkoo.

This search engine and price comparator began operating on the Internet in 2000, so it has years of experience providing users with the best services and helping them choose the best options to purchase products or services.

Kelkoo is available in more than 22 countries, so it has a fairly large and influential international presence. The audience of this portal exceeds 40,000 users.

It is impossible to know the opinion of all of them, but in general the users of this price comparator have been completely satisfied with the services provided by this platform, especially ´por the possibility of saving on each purchase, because in reality Kelkoo helps to find the best prices and offers in the market.

In addition to finding the products at the best prices, users have let it be known that it is the fastest site at the time of comparison, as it immediately searches among more than 31,000 online stores to show the best options. Kelkoo also filters out the exact offers the user is looking for, discarding many of the options that are not needed.

Among 40,000 users it is quite likely that there are a few dissatisfied, and in fact there are. That group expresses when they look for a product, the prices shown are usually very high so they don’t really agree that Kelkoo will actually help them save.

They also believe that there is no impartiality in the platform because the results shown clearly benefit one or another brand or store, perhaps because it pays a little more.

Before ending, please note one point: Kelkoo is only a price comparator, so it is not responsible for the quality of the products or the shipping of them, so if you have a claim they can not be held responsible and you have to go directly to the seller.

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