Klaviyo is a business platform. It specialises in educating online businesses in understanding their client base. It features some powerful online tools for business growth. Email marketing is the area in which Klaviyo excels.

When a company knows its customer and understands his or her needs, it’s possible to build a real, growing relationship with that customer. Business grows from building strong relationships with customers, based on trust. You can grow your business with Klaviyo’s help. Not to mention its expert guidance.

Klaviyo’s Features

To understand how Klaviyo can help to grow your online business, you must explore its features:

Integrates with all CRM platforms

To give a seamless experience to the customer. It will probably blend with whatever CRM tool you are using if indeed you are using one. Klaviyo can collect information from the way browsers use the Internet and behave on particular websites. This helps a business to know who their customer is and more importantly, what the customer wants.

Personalise your experience with each customer

This makes the customer’s interaction more meaningful and build a relationship of trust. Customer analytics is an area in which Klaviyo specialises. It can create customer profiles based on the information collected to show you information about who your customer is.

Autoresponders, templates, SMS

As mentioned, Klaviyo specialises in email marketing which helps a company keep its customers in the loop. They feel that their voice is heard by your company. They feel that they are being looked after personally. Clever email automation means that you can literally care for your customers on autopilot.

Meanwhile, while you get on with other necessary tasks. Once you know your customers, you can start sending meaningful emails to them. Klaviyo can help you to design amazing campaigns. They use email autoresponders and templates, social media advertising and SMS.

Results-based reporting

You can check sales from email marketing, based on actual transactions.

Pricing & Trial Period

Klaviyo has a wide variety of pricing models. We can check them out to find a suitable tier.

Free level

There is a free account facility for new users. New customers can use many of our great features absolutely free. A customer can have up to 500 email sends for up to 250 contacts. Once any tier limit is exceeded, you get a friendly reminder to upgrade:

  • 300 contacts @ USD $25.00 per month
  • 600 contacts @ USD $50.00 per month
  • 3,100 contacts @ USD $175 per month
  • 16,000 contacts @ USD $ 400 per month
  • 46,000 contacts @ USD $ 46,000 per month
  • 151,000 contacts by quote

As we can see, Klaviyo’s scope is very large. From small businesses to large businesses, it can handle many sizes.

Klaviyo’s reviews

Having used Klaviyo for a while, these are my thoughts on the tool.


The email marketing service in Klaviyo is excellent. It’s efficient and effective. For ease of use and functionality, I found it to be all I could have hoped for. One of the customers has described the functionality as ‘WYSIWYG’. Klaviyo is tailor-made for the Shopify platform. There’s simply no need to look elsewhere for this kind of service if you have a Shopify-based business. The ease in which performance can be tracked is another great feature which I truly appreciate. For the simplicity of its system, its ease of use and for its functionality, Klaviyo gets the seal of approval for sure.


I was satisfied with Klaviyo’s performance. Yet, for the sake of a balanced look at the platform, I asked around among fellow customers to see if there were any complaints. One fellow customer explained that for them at least, Klaviyo doesn’t do well in drip campaigns. This is because the return on investment is too slow. Others have pointed out that the software has now become dated in this age of artificial intelligence. Through discussion, we also realised we have common complaints about the clunky email editor and also the fact that analytics are not as easy to access as they could be.

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly

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