Klaviyo is an email marketing platform for shops and online businesses.


Integrates with all CRM platforms on the market

Through its API. This allows you to cross-check sales history and behavior data to further customize the emails you send to your customers.

Customize your experience with each customer

Customer analysis is one of Klaviyo’s strengths. With these analyses you can get very good insights to further customize the emails you send them.

Automatic responses, templates, SMS

As mentioned, Klaviyo specializes in email marketing. The fact that you can automate these tasks allows you to scale up and therefore bill more money without spending a lot of hours.

Klaviyo can help you create templates with your own design or you can use the default ones. It also allows you to send those same campaigns by SMS or to social networks.

Results-based reporting

You can check email marketing sales, based on actual transactions.

Prices and trial

Free Plan

There is a free plan for new customers that allows up to 500 emailings for up to 250 contacts. From there, we go up to:

  • 300 contacts at $25 / month
  • 600 contacts at $50 / month
  • 3.100 contacts at $175 / month
  • 16.000 contacts at $400 / month

Klaviyo’s review


The email marketing service in Klaviyo is excellent. It is efficient and effective. Because of its ease of use and functionality. Klaviyo is tailor-made for the Shopify platform, so if you use this software, this is your application. Mind you, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work with other CMS’s, far from it.


The price is quite high compared to other software offering similar features.

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