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Magento is an open source e-commerce platform with which anyone can create their own online store.

Magento occupies a privileged place among the ecommerce platforms today, being preferred by large companies and small traders to have their business on the Internet. The company was acquired by Adobe Systems on June 2018.

It allows to adapt the websites completely to the needs of each business and the owner of the same will have total control of it either in customization or in its various functions.

Magento features

Magento has an extensive list of services and functionalities that allow you to create complete, professional and above all functional online shops.

There are many services of the platform, here I show you only some of them:

Templates and plugins

In principle we have to adapt to any type of business regardless of whether it is a small or large company. You can design your store from one of its many pre-designed templates to which you can add new features using the extensions.


Without any problem you can go from having a modest catalog of a few products to praying thousands of them, thanks to Magento is perfectly scalable at any time.

Payment Methods

Obviously one of the most worrying issues when thinking about creating an online store is the way it will be used to collect the products offered.

With Magento this has no major complication because it allows native integration with a variety of electronic payment methods and facilitates the entire purchase process, allowing your customers to have a satisfying experience.

Mobile commerce

All Magento templates can be adapted to any device regardless of the size of the screen, so buying from your mobile will be the fastest and most accessible way for your customers and a fundamental basis for the growth of the merchant.

Analytics and reporting

This tool is indispensable for the performance of online stores because it allows you to obtain shopping cart reports, inventories, sales and other statistics that are required.

Customer service

Magento’s customer support system is flawless and performs its function perfectly.

In it you can clarify all your doubts and report any type of problem related to the platform.

Security and protection

Magento offers confidentiality and protection, being an example of this the creation of backups of your site, in such a way that if you have a problem with it or part of your content is lost, you will be able to restore it in a few steps.


Every owner of an online store wants it to appear in the first places in search engines, for this is essential to work the SEO. In this aspect Magento goes a step forward as it has an integrated service to not neglect anything of the SEO on Page of your site.

Magento Costs

There are two versions of the platform: Magento Open Source (free) and Magento Enterprise Edition (paid).

Magento Open Source (free)

However, even if you download the free version, to create the online store must install the CMS on a hosting and have registered a domain, which of course must be paid.

Unlike other platforms of the same category, Magento consumes many resources so it is not recommended to install it on your shared server, but you will need a VPS or a dedicated hosting, and this will increase costs.

Magento Enterprise Edition (paid)

As you can imagine, the second version offers more functions and allows you to do more things, in addition to providing your customers with specialized technical support that they can turn to at any time.

It’s costs is around $22.000 a year or more, depending on the project scope.

Who uses Magento

This platform is aimed primarily at salespeople and businesses, as it will provide them with the tools, services and benefits they need to create complete online stores.

Reviews about Magento

Magento is a very customizable platform, being this one of the many reasons why users prefer to create their online stores with it.

In addition to the large list of functionalities and services it provides, customers point out that it offers many e-commerce solutions that make it a flexible tool.

Positive opinions also focus on the variety of payment methods, the possibility of creating catalogues with complete information on each product or the possibility of setting prices per customer segment for specific periods of time.

On the contrary, negative opinions focus on how costly Magento can be, its high consumption of resources and the fact that it is not an easy platform to configure, occasionallyrequiring the hiring of a professional, which only increases spending.

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