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Tools to monitor prices and know the situation in which a company is in relation to others in the market, there are many, but in this article I talk about one in particular, netRivals, which stands out among all by the gigantic volume of data with which it works.

What is netRivals

netRivals is a real-time price monitoring system. It handles an extensive volume of data so it captures and manages the prices of hundreds of millions of products in thousands of online stores around the world.

The idea behind this platform is to make available to companies and sellers, the prices of their competitors and analyze the situation of your products with respect to theirs.

netRivals helps you to know the position of your business in front of the competition and which of your products need more attention in order to be sold.

Therefore, it is an effective tool to monitor the competition and make good decisions in front of it.

Features by Netrivals

The services provided by this platform are tailored to different customers, benefiting them and making them enjoy the tool to the fullest.

netRivals is aware that many users do not have enough time to perform price analysis and comparison, so users can perform in minutes any detailed analysis of competitors’ prices for certain items.

In addition to offering price analysis, it allows you to store your most frequent searches and at the same time download the information obtained in different formats such as HTML and Excel.

netRivals, offers its users personalized attention and excellent technical support, which can be contacted either by e-mail or direct calls.

In addition, this tool offers you calendars that include key dates to organize campaigns in different markets around the world.


netRivals, offers its customers a free demo, so that they can see the benefits, services and advantages that this platform puts at their fingertips.

To access this demo, you only have to fill out a form with the required information in the following form. One of their Product Experts will be who can provide you with more information about existing plans, as these vary depending on the user’s needs.

Who uses netRivals

netRivals is mainly aimed at a specific audience made up of companies, manufacturers and online stores.

As I have already mentioned, this platform will allow you to make decisions about pricing strategies, adjust margins, define commercial and marketing campaigns.

If you are going to use it, make sure that your online business has a sales flow that justifies the investment in one of its plans that are not very economical.


netRivals is a good platform for achieving optimal business performance and pricing efficiency. That’s why more and more users are adding to it every day.

What do these users think? In general the comments are positive, and focus on how with the tool have been able to automate manual processes that were part of the daily management of prices in their early days as companies.

One of the best perceptions about netRivals has to do with the fact that they have increased their profits and minimized losses in a very short period of time.

The interface is usually very easy to use, has many useful features to which new ones are added on a regular basis.

In addition, they comment on how valuable the support provided by the customer service team has been before, during and after the implementation of the software.

In spite of all this, a few netRivals customers were not completely satisfied as they say that it is usually very difficult to use if the catalog of products they own is very large, because when administering tends to become a little disorganized.

Others also take the view that when comparing competitive prices, concerning charges with or without strapping, they do not usually provide accurate estimates.

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