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Nosto is a personalization tool that is getting more and more fame in the world of marketing and e-commerce, as it can help a business grow and generate higher sales.

If you want to know more about Nosto, then read on.

What is Nosto

Nosto enables marketers and e-commerce professionals to offer their customers personalized shopping experiences, wherever they are.

Thanks to its technology, which combines patented algorithms and big data analysis, it can automatically predict the products and the best offers for each one of the clients, based on the behavior it carries out at each moment.

This is undoubtedly favorable for both companies and customers, since on the one hand the buyer can get the product you want and the online store generates higher sales.

Nosto features

Nosto is a very useful tool for companies as it provides complete services of excellent quality. Among them, I’ll mention these:

Product recommendations on the site

Based on user behavior, Nosto provides unique recommendations on the most relevant products – all in real time.

Customization of content on the site

With Nosto you can customize every element of your online store, no matter how minimal it may seem; for example navigation bars, videos, copies, graphics, banners and logos.

Segmentation and knowledge

This tool allows you to better understand your customers, no matter where they are; and all thanks to segmentation and specific knowledge. This is a very effective option that will help you reach out to specific consumer groups that are more likely to become loyal customers.

Facebook Ads and Instagram

Nosto could not miss the opportunity to provide a service that includes the use of automated product ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Pop-up windows on the site

You will considerably reduce the abandonment of the site by users as you will be able to create discounts and special offers for a limited time.

Personalized Emails

Do you want your customers to come back to your store? Then inspire them with personalized emails where you recommend them quite relevant products.


Nosto has a great variety of plans that adapt perfectly to the needs of any user; apart from the fact that they are relatively accessible, they offer many benefits.


For those companies that are growing and still do not exceed one million dollars in online sales, the incubator plan is available for as little as $99/month. Among the services it provides are:

  • Product recommendations on the website.
  • Includes $20k in monthly online sales, then 0.5% of gross revenue.
  • Pop-up windows on the site (+ $99).
  • Personalized emails (+ $ 99).
  • Facebook Ads and Instagram (+ $ 99).


This package is very good for customization as it starts at $850/month and provides the following services:

  • Product recommendations on the website
  • Social network ads such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Personalized emails.
  • Pop-up windows on the site.
  • Self-service.


From $1,500/month this plan is customized to information; among the products and services offered are the same as the growth plan but including the following:

  • Segmentation and knowledge.
  • Assisted technical incorporation.
  • Consultation every three months.
  • Incorporation design service.


This plan is one of the most popular among users, since the experience it provides in terms of customization is quite complete; it can be obtained from $3,000/month.

Includes the same services as the previous plans, plus the following:

  • Customization of content on the site.
  • Dynamic packages.
  • Continuous design service.
  • Priority support.
  • Consults every two months.

Who uses Nosto

Many retailers around the world are relying on them to better position themselves in the market and increase their sales.

No doubt any online store can easily adapt to this tool, as it is very simple and intuitive, even many well-known brands make use of it, for example Helly Hansen, Everlast and Jomashop.


What do people say about Nosto? The truth is that all opinions have been favorable; it is said that behind this project there are highly qualified and serious experts in their work, who provide support and solutions to all users.

In addition, the services it provides are incredible, so much so that they help every business grow; without a doubt, it is a highly recommended tool.

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