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When we go to a physical store it is common to see workers who come to us to provide help during our purchase, but in an e-commerce this does not happen.

However, tools have now emerged that are aimed at solving this problem, and one of them is Oct8ne; this platform allows online companies to help each of their customers so they can find and buy the product they want.

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What is Oct8ne

Oct8ne is a visual tool or software that is designed to change the way users shop online and how e-commerce interacts with their consumers.

This tool was created in 2015 by a Catalan dentist named Domingo Obradors, as a way to improve his medical software, making the interaction between the team and the doctors more effective; however, its use expanded so much that now many companies in various sectors use it to improve customer care.

And the truth is that it is not for less, because with it both companies and consumers benefit.

On the one hand, the customer is served with all the professionalism as if he were in a physical store and, on the other, the trade can generate higher sales by interacting with the consumer in real time.

Oct8ne’s features

The service offered by Oct8ne is basically to make an e-commerce have the same assistance as a physical store, which is nothing more than having an employee to guide the customer during his purchase.

This tool has a joint viewer (co-viewer) that is nothing more than a live chat style where customers and agents can talk, view images and videos of products in real time….

In this way, the customer service team can serve the user in the same way as in a physical store and help them make their purchase.


To be able to use the Oct8ne tool it is necessary to pay for it, but there are many plans that adapt to everyone’s needs.

Free plan

However, for companies that are starting with the online service is the possibility to opt for a free plan, which includes the following features:

  • 20 catalogue products.
  • A simultaneous chat.
  • Image and video interviewer.
  • Chat history
  • For mobile devices there is a specific design.

Lite plan

There’s also the Lite plan, which is ideal for merchants who want to increase their sales with virtual assistance. Includes all the features of the free version plus:

  • Unlimited number of chats.
  • Sales commitments.
  • Chat statistics, products and agent activity.
  • Predictive segmentation.
  • Shared image and files.

Pro plan

The Pro is another plan offered by this tool. This is a very effective alternative for companies that want to transform their customer service team into a sales force. Includes all the functions of the lite plan plus the following:

  • See when the customer detailed the product history
  • Add products to the agent and customer shopping cart.
  • Statistics on the shopping cart and the products displayed.
  • Integration of Google Analytics and BI.

Business plan

And finally we have the business plan, which is intended just for large companies; it includes all the features of the pro plus:

  • Removal of logos.
  • Custom integrations with CRM.
  • Tailor-made developments.

It should be noted that each of these payment plans have a free trial that lasts 14 days, which is very good because it allows you to try the service without paying for it and determine whether or not it meets our expectations.

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Who uses Oct8ne

This software adapts perfectly to any type of online business, since it has quite complete tools; so if your company is big or small you can make use of it without any problem.

Its use is expanding in many countries thanks to its many benefits and today it has users in Spain, United States, Latin America, France, Italy and other northern European countries.


There are many opinions that have come to light about Oct8ne, and with the boom it has had it is no wonder that many companies or people are talking about it.

Generally comments about this tool are based on quality and price, as well as the fact that the service is very good, provides various plans that are tailored to the needs of each, and even a completely free plan that is effective for those companies that are starting in this world.

In addition, much is said about how effective the interaction between the customer service team and the user is, which provides an increase in sales, a reduction in abandonment of the shopping cart and an increase in loyalty of buyers, something that is certainly to be welcomed.

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